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Writing Motherhood Bookclub event – A day of Firsts

standard September 23, 2008 4 responses

Today, for the first time, here at It’s my life… we’re doing something a bit different. Today this blog is going to be all about you. I’m going to post a writing prompt, which I hope will inspire you to rush to your blog or notebook to write a bit. Once you’ve written your post come back here and leave the link in the comment and I’ll put a link in the post. If you don’t have a blog of your own just leave your “post” in the comments. It’s ok, it can be long!

At the end of the day I’ll pick a lucky participant at random to receive a free copy of the wonderful book Writing Motherhood, filled with tips, advice, and writing prompts to get your writing mojo flowing.

OK? Ready?

Let’s go!

First Words and Other Firsts: Open any baby diary and you will find whole pages devoted to firsts: first smile, first words, first friends, first birthday. Why are firsts so significant? Because they represent a beginning. Because they push us beyond what is familiar and comfortable. Because they jolt us out of the numbness or everyday life and bring us back to our primitive selves when we saw a world through a child’s eyes. Keeping in mind that first experiences do not end with babyhood, write about a first: the first day of kindergarten, the first day of college, the first grandchild. Or simply begin with the writing start “the first time” and write down the first thing that comes to mind.

I’ll be back in a bit to post my own “First,” but right now it’s your turn. Have at it!

People joining in the fun:
Mad about multiples – Akemi
Beyond Mom
Mad about multiples – MommyTwinGirls v1
Feels like home
Mad about multiples – MommyTwinGirls v2
Heather K
Mad about multiples – Amy T.
Who’s The Boss?

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