Winning the Classy Preschool Parent award

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C goes to a Jewish preschool. It’s no different from your kid’s preschool except the pre-snack blessing is said in Hebrew and during circle time on Friday’s we have a mini welcoming Shabbat celebration. One of the kids, the Shabbat helper, lights candles, says the blessing, drinks some “wine” (grape juice), and hands out some challah. And then the child gets to bring home the Shabbat kit so they can do it all over again in the evening at home. In the little Shabbat bag the teachers sneak a digital camera so the parents can take a few snapshots of the precious preschooler lighting the house on fire candles .

Last year C was the last Shabbat Helper of the year. Because there was no more school the following week the pictures taken of her that night were not proudly displayed on the bulletin board next to her fellow classmate’s photos.

Turns out that’s a great thing.

You see, at the end of the school year it was really, really hot here in Northern CA. And I wasn’t sleeping a whole lot, seeing as Little L was still waking up every two hours or so, and I was working full time, and I was undoubtedly under a lot of stress. Undoubtedly. I’m sure that explains why I took the pictures that I took. And how I returned the camera to the school without a moment’s hesitation. The camera that held quite a few pictures of C in her cute little school dress lighting the Shabbat candles. In our kitchen. Standing right next to her shirtless dad.

Now, I’ll grant you, it could have been a lot worse. It could have been me standing topless next to her as she performed a solemn religious ritual. But I don’t think her teachers are seeing it that way. And I don’t think there will be a camera in our Shabbat bag this year. Instead there might be a little laminated award that reads “Classiest Preschool Family Ever.”

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