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My sister at Chefdruck Musings just tagged me for a meme and I’m being uncharacteristically prompt in responding. Seriously, what next? I’ll acknowledge the award I received while I was away? (Uh, sorry Mahmeee… I promise I’m working on that!)

Before jumping into my pathetic memory feet first I’m going to willy nilly tag some bloggers. Because aren’t memes all about spreading the stress fun? From Cribs to Car Keys, Millionaire or Bust, Me Too You, and Chalk and Cheese Chronicles TAG, you’re it!

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster – January 28, 1986
I must have been at school when the actual disaster occurred, but what I remember is sitting at our ridiculously high kitchen table watching the explosion over and over again on our tiny kitchen TV.

The Oklahoma City Bombing – April 19, 1995
College must have been really engrossing or something, or I never watched the news, because I barely remember this happening. In my defense I was living in France at the time and they aren’t always as obsessive with their news coverage of the US as say maybe CNN…

Princess Diana’s Death – 31 August 1997
I was on a tin can sailboat somewhere near the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean discovering that my boyfriend was actually a huge bit of an ass and that families who love each other shouldn’t sail together… you know, if they want to stay on speaking turns.
To our great shock we learned of her death at the end of our trip. It made all of our squabbles seem petty, stupid, and pointless. But it didn’t make my boyfriend any less of an ass.

Attack on the Twin Towers – 11 September 2001
I was coming home to our tiny Montmartre apartment after a post tiff cool down. I was all ready to apologize and grovel for M’s forgiveness, but the look of horror on his face as I walked in froze the words in my throat.
At the time just one plane had crashed. We watched the second plane crash live. And then we jumped on the phone and tried desperately to reach my sister before calling my parents to tell them what was going on. I’ve never been so frustrated to be far from my family as I was that day.

Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster – February 1, 2003
I know for sure that I was at work because everyone got really, really upset about Ilan Ramon’s death. But I must have either been unusually self absorbed at the time, or stressed about some deadline because I barely remember reading about it let alone seeing TV footage of the disaster.

7th Harry Potter Book is Released – 21 July 2007
I really wanted M to go stand in line to get me the book, because I was days away from giving birth to our second child and it was the eve of my birthday, and I was huge and uncomfortable. But nooooo, he said that was silly and that I could just as well go get it at Target in the morning. Party pooper.
I got it at Target in the morning and spent the four days post-c-section in the hospital tearing through it.

Michael Phelps Wins His 8th Gold Medal – August 16, 2008
I was right here, on my couch, where I spend quite a few of my evening hours. I was blogging away, watching something or other on TV, and following his win on Twitter, which is how I get all my news these days.

So, tell me, where were you when all this stuff happened?

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