Weekly Winners – The proof is in the pictures

standard September 21, 2008 6 responses

It’s a good thing I have a camera and that I sometimes remember to grab it. Because if I didn’t have pictures to prove me wrong I’d be telling you that today was a long, long, day filled with whining, screeching, and lots of grumpiness.

For this weeks Weekly Winners I bring you: “Hey! It wasn’t such a bad day after all! Look! We even had fun!”

Plus, it’s a good thing we’re Jewish,
because I’d love me a piece of that ham.
OK. Maybe there was a bit of attitude.
But she was tired. That’s her excuse!
That was some of the screeching.
And more ham.
Oh. And there was TPing of the bathroom.
Thanks Little L.
We don’t have a very big house, but it’s definitely big enough.
And yet… they played in a tiny box.
At least they like to play together.
Princess or court jester?
Definitely court jester.
A little sidewalk art fun.
And a lot of sidewalk walking fun.
Because, the best part of the day?
Little L finally decided that walking wasn’t such a bad thing.

Happy weekend everyone. Hop on over to Sarcastic Mom’s place for more great pictures!

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