Weekly Winners – Fighting NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder)

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At the preschool back-to-school night two weeks ago the teacher told us about an article she had recently read about NDD, Nature Deficit Disorder. The author of the article was hypothesizing that children develop ADD because they aren’t exposed to nature often enough.

I’m skeptical to say the least, but like any good neurotic mom I can’t just brush off that kind of statement without wondering if I’m doing everything I can to protect my kids from the “what if?” So today we got lots and lots of nature, first in our back yard, and then at the park. Tonight I can rest easy, we’ve staved off the nefarious NDD for now.

Happy weekend everyone. Enjoy my Weekly Winners!

We have some gorgeous flowers growing in out back yard.
Pretty, no?

But I think this one might be the queen of the beauties.

M picked all the ripe peaches from our overladen tree this morning.
They are tiny, but tasty. I’m thinking pie, unless you have another suggestion.

My two girls are always think as thieves.
I never know what they’re saying to each other. Probably planning a coup.

No one ever lets daddy rest. Poor daddy.

C practiced her forward rolls.

She thought it was hilarious.

And then at the park she flew way, way up high.

Spider’s web? Or playground equipment.


Little L was just bored with the whole thing.
She’s just like her mommy that one.

We met some haughty geese.

And C and her daddy had a little moment.
Probably made up for the lack of respite earlier in the day.

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