The coveted lovey

standard September 23, 2008 2 responses

Remember the other day when I whined about the Doggy and MooMoo situation? Yeah. So Little L grows more attached to MooMoo every day, but she still covets her sister’s Doggy and screams for it every time we get into the car.

Today because the traffic was unusually heavy Little L and I dropped off C at preschool before heading to daycare; the opposite of our usual morning routine. So for the first time pretty much ever Little L found herself in the car at the same time as the Doggy, but without her sister.

She instantly assessed the situation and lunged for the raggedy mutt. I figured there was no real reason to deny her a brief fling with him while her sister was away so I handed over the coveted item. She grabbed at it with glee and as soon as I had snapped her in she lovingly wedged him between her ear and shoulder, just like her big sister does every time she gets in the car.

I glanced at her in the rear view mirror and smiled at the serious look on her face as she cuddled her sister’s lovey. And then I laughed as she pulled him away from her neck and looked at him in disgust before throwing him on the ground. Her look of pure disappointment was priceless. She looked positively offended that the experience hadn’t lived up to her expectations.

“I know baby, he smells pretty bad, hun?” But she didn’t answer, just plugged her pacifier into her mouth and looked out the window.

Looking for a cute Toddler cookbook? Look no further! I have the perfect one for you.

It’s time for the Writing Motherhood Bookclub. I’ll be posting my post in a couple hours. Come back to leave your link in the comment section!

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2 responses

  • That is too funny! My babies both have lovies and each one had a back up. We lost one of my DD’s back ups so I bought 2 new ones but they were too white and were quickly rejected. Now I use them as travel blankies so whenever I have to travel for work, they each get one to sleep with while I’m gone. We also got my DS a 3rd back-up off EBay because his first two carter blankies smelled so bad. (I paid 200% the original price) I have always rotated my son’s back ups so they always stunk equally – thus avoiding the dilemma we are having with my daughter. Oh how a simple little lovie can be so complicated but I think my husband love them as much as the kids!

  • Cate loves on Bo while Grace is at preschool too. She hugs him, looking so proud as though she thinks he really needed a good hug. But she never spends too much time with him. I think she’s just not that kind of a lovey-girl. She loves her fleece Christmas blanket and always sleeps better with it, and she loves her wubbanub pacifiers but otherwise.. thats about it.

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