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Not only did I survive, but I learned a thing or two while I was there

standard September 26, 2008 13 responses

I found a carpool buddy and I resolved to ignore my social anxiety and go to the party. Having made contact with a few people who were also going and who I kinda, sorta knew made it possible for me to come to the conclusion that maybe I did have it in me to head up to San Francisco for the CBS 5 Eye On The Blog Bay Area Bloggers Mixer.

I had a minor (ahem) freak out on Twitter about the state of my wardrobe (ACK), the amount of clothing that I own that actually fits (virtually none), and the number of things that I could wear that weren’t a) too summery (60F in SF last night) and b) too I’m-here-for-a-job-interview-y (one. one lousy outfit.).

When I left the house I was convinced that I was underdressed in jeans and a black t-shirt. But really, it was fine because I looked HAWT. Well, you know, if you’re into the Olivia Newton John look. (Think more “You’re the one that I want” and less “Sandra-D.”) (And I wish I was joking.) Lucky for me, by the time I made it to my carpool buddy’s house the heat in my car had wilted my curls into something a little less flashy and I no longer had to fight the urge to break into song. Which is a good thing. I think.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the blow by blow details of the evening. But I can share with you a few things I learned over the course of the next four hours.

  1. The traffic, going to San Francisco, can suck big hairy donkey balls. It took us nearly an hour and a half to arrive somewhere it should have taken us all of thirty minutes to reach. Good thing we were having fun debating the merits of Twitter and Facebook.
  2. I know a shit load about social networking. Online. In the real world? Not so much.
  3. Bloggers are a fun crowd. And they love to chat. About anything. And they have lots to say. About everything.
  4. If you are standing in the headquarters of a leading TV network, and you see some people who kinda look familiar? It’s probably not because you’re read their blog. It’s a ton more likely that it’s because they PRESENT THE NEWS ON TV. Just sayin‘.
  5. I do not have to make sure all my daughter’s lunches include some form of protein. WHOOT (I know that sounds like a non sequitur, but I had a lovely chat (see #3) about packing lunches with Biggie from lunchinabox.net, Alison from surefoodsliving.com, and Sharon from bloggerqueen.com and they said I don’t, so there. Also? Some people send their kids to school with PB&J sandwiches and tell their kids to LIE about what’s in their lunch, and that is just despicable. Don’t be that person. OK?)
  6. The longer you spend agonizing about your business card, the fewer you will hand out. Though that might have more to do with the fact that we arrived a fashionable two hours late. (see #1)
  7. Let some mommy bloggers lose on the town, give them some wine and appetizers, and they will have to be cajoled out of the building long after all the other guests have left, so small is their desire to go home and recloak themselves in the mantle of their responsibilities. Or as one mommy blogger said “I’m not leaving until I’m sure all my kids are fast asleep.” (No, it wasn’t me. My kids were probably asleep long before we even got to the party. See #1.)
  8. I do actually enjoy getting out and meeting people. Next time I flip out, someone please remind me of that. Thanks.

Don’t believe I was really hobnobbing with some of the Bay Area’s finest bloggers? Check out the video montage of all the Bloggers present at the shindig. (I’m 13 minutes in. And apparently I’m not convinced of either what I do, or who I parent. Or I’m really uncomfortable when someone sticks a camcorder up my nose. But my earrings are awesome.)

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13 responses

  • I enjoyed reading your post. I think it would be interesting to meet other bloggers in person and not just via Internet.

    By the way, what’s wrong with sending your kid with PB&J sandwich?

  • It’s good to get out and meet people in person now and again. By the way, you didn’t seem anywhere near as nervous on video as you said you did. It is a little hard to talk with a video camera that close to one’s face though. 🙂

  • Cool! That sounds like quite an experience. I’m especially jealous of meeting Biggie. I love that blog. She inspired me to bento for my older boy. Nothing quite to exotic as what she does, but a nice boxed lunch every day.

  • Hey, great meeting you last night! Had a great time chatting with you, and laughed again reading your description of our Mommy Blogger Night Out. Of course we’re the bitter enders! I told Brittney we’re NEVER leaving. 😉 Thanks for the shout-out about my Lunch in a Box blog. One small thing, though — it’s lunchinabox.net, not lunchinabox.com.

  • I am WAY jealous. Sounds like a blast!

  • See, Aren’t you glad you sucked it up and went now! I have to say though, your twitter freak outs were hilarious! Glad you had fun!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that looked like a great networking opportunity. Really smart for CBS to put that together. I watched the video and you did an excellent job talking about your blog.

  • @Faten abdallah It’s only wrong to send your kid to school with a Pb&J sandwich if the school has been declared a Nut Free zone to protect children with allergies.

    @david van sunder It was really in my face as they only had on camera mics and it was really loud. You’re right, that makes it a bit challenging!

    @followthatdog See? And I didn’t even know she was famous. But she was super cool! I learned a lot chatting with her.

    @Biggie Link changed! Sorry about that! (blush) Thanks for chatting with me at the party!

    @momo fali It was pretty fun! I’m glad I ended up going.

    @KD Freaking out on Twitter made it a little bit more manageable! Glad I provided some entertainment. 😉

    @anonymous Thanks! And thanks for watching all that!

  • Oddly, my girls school is supposed to be nut free, but we’ve been told we can send in PB&J – they just have to tell the teacher and sit at a different table. So from what I can tell, they just have a nut free table area and certain classes that are nut free, despite saying the school is nut free.

  • How great that you found someone to carpool with. Yeah, that commute is a pain!!! No fun.

    Re non-protein lunches, who know?? I sure didn’t so thanks for sharing; one less mom guilt trip thing I can knock off my list.

    BTW, where are you on the clip? I’m getting distracted w/my kids right now, so perhaps I just missed you on there?

  • I specifically remember telling you “You’ll do great!”.. the day before. hehe I DID remind you. lol

    And yes, the whole pb thing.. totally despicable. And Grace LOVES cream cheese and low-sugar straw. jam or honey.

  • Oh Girl – You are absolutely fabulous for giving people information on peanuts at the schools. There are different rules for different schools but usually parents are just unaware of how serious peanuts really are. Unfortunately the word “allergy” sounds like it might just make them sneeze and itch. The truth is that if my daughter accidently touches a surface that was touched by a peanut and then puts her finger in her mouth, she will go into aniphylaxis shock and could possibly die within five minutes. Sooooo …. its a pretty big deal to me.

    It was lovely to chat with you at the blog event and I’m happy to meet you and read your blog. You’re on my list of “favorites”

    Blessings and hugs
    Sharon the BloggerQueen.com

  • Sounds like you had a fun night despite your social anxiety. That often happens to me, too – I get so nervous about going out but once I get out Im usually fine.

    You have a great blog here, I really do enjoy your writing.


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