Is she a High Schooler or a Pre-schooler?

standard September 5, 2008 2 responses

“Let’s go mommy!” C’s impatient voice called from the front door as I ran around gathering everything we needed for the day. Lunch – check. Coffee – check. Shoes – double check. Baby – check. Laptop – check.

“Mooooommmmmyyyyyy! Let’s go! It’s time to go to schooooooool!”

I finally put an end to her torture and herded everyone and everything out to the car. I did a quick mental tally of all the things I had brought, tried to think of things I might have forgotten, ran back into the house for the good camera*, and finally got behind the wheel.

And that’s when my precious adorable three year old morphed into a bratty 15 year old.

“Mommy? You are just going to take me to the door and leave, right?”
“Uh, no, it’s the first day so mommies get to stay all day.”
“What do you mean, no? You don’t want mommy to come?”
“No! You just leave me there and then come get me after. OK? OK Mommy? You don’t come too. You just leave me there!”
“Uh, no. Mommy has to come. The teachers said so.”
“But I don’t want Mommy there. You can just leave me and come back. OK?”

I tried to reason with her, appealed to the higher order (teacher law), but she was having none of it. Then I told her she had no choice, and she really didn’t like that either. All the way there she begged me again and again to just drop her off and finally got really frustrated with me when I refused each time.

All the other kids clung to their parents like little eight legged octopodes**, but not mine, mine ran into the room and pretty much ignored me all morning. Whatever… I wasn’t too hurt, and in any case, it gave me a chance to take lots of great pictures of her first day back. So there.

But next week? If she asks me to drop her off at the corner? I might get a bit offended. I’m just saying.

*I might be all “I don’t care about back to school time and all, but I’m never one to miss a photo opp.
**I looked it up. I was going to go with octopi, but these people said that was wrong. And who am I to argue with them?

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2 responses

  • That was similar to my post. Moe was all like get out of here!

  • I remember my son’s very first day of going to Kindergarten. He was excited and confident and eager to go, not the least bit afraid.

    What surprised me, was when he came home and got off the bus and I asked him what he learned on his first day of kindergarten.

    He promptly asked me what the F-word meant. I asked him where he learned that. He replied that he learned it on the bus. I asked him if he learned anything else on his first day of kindergarten. He replied, “No, I just learned F— but I don’t know what it means!”

    I raised German Shepherd Dogs at the time and the kids had seen me assisting breedings and when I told my son that the word meant what he saw when I had to assist breedings, he made a face and said EWWWW GROSS, thats a stupid thing to say, thats GROSSSSSS”

    Not quite the education I expected my son to get on his very first day of school!

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