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standard September 10, 2008 5 responses

In the bedroom the laundry has taken over the arm chair, the floor around the arm chair, the top of the vacation suitcase that still hasn’t been put away, the floor in the closet, and the floor behind the door.

In the kitchen the counters are covered in containers that belong in the pantry, magazines that need to be recycled, dishes that need to be put away, and toys that belong in the toy box.

In the living room… well, the living room is out of control. Listing everything that is out of order in there might cause the Internet to implode and I just can’t do that to you so I won’t even try.

The bathroom is cluttered with bath toys, discarded beauty products, towels, and a ton of stuff that should never have been in there in the first place. Power drill anyone?

No. I’m not looking for a pity party. No, I’m not hoping you’ll be so horrified you’ll send your favorite home organizer my way. (Unless you really want to! I won’t turn away the help!) I just wanted you to realize the pure irony of what I’m about to say.

Hey! Check it out! I did a little housekeeping on my blog! I added an About Me and a Cast of Characters tab! How cool is that?!

Next on my list of “things to do so I can procrastinate on getting paying work” is
– Add a third column to my blog
– Update blog roll (Want to be listed? Leave a comment.)
– Add all the nifty widgets that sites I’m affiliated with have sent my way.

Ahem. Slinking away to fold some laundry now….

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5 responses

  • If it’s any consolation…my house almost always looks like your house sounds right now…and your blog is WAY more organized. I’m not just saying that to try to get on your blogroll either 🙂

  • Hi there,
    M mentioned that you were a bloggin’ fool these days, and I finally found you!
    Lucky for you, I found you on a day when you’re looking for someone to help organize; I had an awesome woman come help me organize kids’ room, kitchen, and playroom for $25 per hour, recommended by another twin mom, I totally adore her and have been begging her to babysit (she’s also a former nanny)!
    Drop me a line if you want her contact info!
    Hugs to you and the fam,

  • Ok…our chair is covered in laundry. And yes the toys are everywhere! As a father of three do I qualify for the blogroll? 🙂

  • I need to do a blog makeover – its much easier than a hoe makeover. I did manage to clean up the playroom and get rid of four back (1 of garbage, 3 of toys – donated!). Laundry – forget it! It’s a darn good thing it’s dress down day tomorrw- I don’t think I have any clean uniforms left for Einey.

  • I kind of wonder if it is even possible not to have the place this messy part of the week when kids are invovled? I know it is a constant struggle for us, one we lose – a lot.

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