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Dear Carter’s, please, pretty please, bring back The Doggy and MooMoo. Kthnxbai

standard September 18, 2008 6 responses

First there was The Doggy.

We love The Doggy. (Whose name is apparently Ruffy, but we never call him that.) We actually own two Doggies; one for the car and one for the bed. Each stays put in his spot so that we never spend agonizing moments wondering where he’s hiding. (I used to spend, or rather my mother used to spend, hours looking for my bunny, because every night I couldn’t remember where I had last put her. Not. Doing. That. Ever.)

Then there was MooMoo, The Doggy’s sister of sorts, same size, same music, same plush, soft body that you can’t help but pet over and over again, same hair strings sticking out of the head. I bought her because we loved The Doggy so much and I couldn’t resist her plushness.

Then C fell in love with MooMoo, not as much as The Doggy, but enough to send me running back to the store for a back-up-just-in-case MooMoo. Which I put in the linen closet with all the other back-up maybe-one-day-we’ll-be-glad-to-have-this-back-up-loveys. And promptly forgot, because I’m practical that way.

Then we had a baby, who refused each and every one of the easier to find, easier to wash loveys that I pushed on her. One after another they ended up in a pile at the end of the crib, shoved under the couch, abandoned under all the crud in my car. Why would she need a lovey when all she ever wanted to cuddle was either my hand or my boob?

Last week Little L started screaming bloody murder every. single. time. we got into the car. “Doooooogggggyyyyyyyy.” She’d howl as she stretched every fiber of her being towards C’s car seat and The Doggy. You see, she’s been a bit obsessed with dogs recently, and as a baby sister it’s her duty to be obsessed with her sister’s prize possessions, so this tantrum made lots of sense, but was no less irritating.

C shares all her toys, but not The Doggy. He’s her lovey. That’s sacred. I don’t expect her to share him, ever. But she’s a sweet girl so she sometimes throws her sister a bone, or rather her MooMoo, which appeases the little booger. So much so that when I went to put some laundry away the other day and I spotted the back-up MooMoo I pulled it out to see if just maybe Little L might take to it and lighten up on the whole Doggy car freaking out bit.

Yeah, so, that worked. Better than I could have ever hoped. Little L took to the new MooMoo like a duck to water. Cuddles, kisses, lots of loving on the brand new plush lovey. And now I’m freaking out, because there isn’t a back-up. There’s just one new MooMoo. So how do we get a car one and a house one? And she’s white, not brown! Do you know how fast a white lovey becomes brown? And it’s not like MooMoo can be washed easily. Nooo she has a music box in her head that can’t be removed. Duh, because why would it be easy? It’s a baby toy. Gah.

And while we’re freaking out, what if something happens to The Doggy? Hun? What then? I searched eBay, there’s only one for sale, for $50! And no MooMoo in sight, I checked that too. So I’m going to do the last rational thing possible. I’m going to throw myself on the mercy of the all powerful Carter’s and beg, yes beg that they bring back both The Doggy and MooMoo. That’s the only solution I can see. Frankly, this momma’s sanity might depend on it.

It’s not like I can take MooMooToo away now, is it?

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6 responses

  • Your plight is worse than mine! My daughter REFUSES to sleep with anything other than her satin blankies. Period… no negotiating.

    She spends every other night with her father… I forgot her blankie one night… Thankfully he only lives 10 minutes away, because I’m forgetful!

  • Oh, I understand how stressful that can be. My preschooler never got crazily attached to his lovey, but it was a blanket (for which I had spares), so that was easy.

    I’m trying to get the baby to choose a blanket too . . . we’ll see how that goes. Fingers crossed.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the reminder – I need to order a back-up MoMo (aka Elmo) for our house…

  • Anonymous

    i so understand where your coming from. my daughter has a lovey that isnt made any more. at all. i finally found one that wasnt so epanzive from the uk ebay. seems that the lovey is now a collectible. hope you can find spares soon. good luck.

  • What an adorable picture! How could anyone resist that? Carter’s must be rushing to the drawing board as we speak.

  • ok that’s just plain adorable… no moo moo’s on ebay?

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