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And then the doubt starts to seep in

standard September 19, 2008 5 responses

So on Monday I took that big leap and I shouted to the world that I. Was. READY! Ready to take charge of my new career. Ready to assume the risks, the consequences, and the joys. Ready. Ready. Ready.

I sent out emails to over 200 people and I sat back, waiting to see the job offers roll in.

Are you a Freelance Writer? If so, I just know you’re snickering right now. Stop that. S’not nice.

I got some lovely supportive emails back from friends and family. I even got a few emails from people asking if they could forward my resume. But, you guessed it, no leads. Let me be clear here, I’m not surprised, just disappointed. In my dreams I fighting clients off right and left, but that’s just not how it works. Right?

Or maybe it’s got nothing to do with the market and everything to do with me. Maybe my website isn’t alluring or enticing enough. Maybe I’m just not good enough to hire. I know that’s silly. I know it. But remember Egmos, my Evil Green Monster of Self-doubt? He’s lurking there, in the corner of my brain, spewing his poison, making me wonder if the problem really is me.

I need to take a deep breath and force Egmos back into his lair. I need to keep working on the non paying gigs that give me so much pleasure. But mostly I need to relax and enjoy this quiet time, because those job offers are going to start rolling in soon, really, really soon.

Right? Right?

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5 responses

  • OH I hear you! I redesigned my site and added some pages profiling my writing and stuff. Even added a contact page but no bites!! None! At first I thought the AUDACITY!! of people not to contact me, but now I realize I have enough work for people to be emailing me anyway! 🙂 Don’t sweat it, those leads will come – but you may have to go looking for them first.

  • Keep working at the non-paying stuff and keep submitting everywhere you can think of. Believe me, it does pay off in the end!

    And like Nikki said, the leads WILL come, and there is NOTHING wrong with going out and seeking them! It’s cliche, but, the squeaky wheel does indeed get the oil!

  • I find that the more you push, you do get the trickle and then it becomes steadier. Concentrate on what it is that you want to do continue to perfect and try new things so that when opportunities come you’re ready. Sometimes you’ll hear from someone who you emailed months ago – they didn’t answer because they weren’t interested it just wasn’t time and then there are others that they come to you and you have no idea how. Just keep pushing!

  • I would suggest that you make a separate professional blog/resume. A yourname.com site.

    What do I know anyway!

    Good Luck! And you are off to a great start. Don’t focus too much on how much you are putting time into it. I think with anything, the fruit is always sweeter when you give it your all.


  • agreed—you’re off to a great start. Keep up that enthusiasm! In the meantime, can you switch it up a bit and clear your head in a creative pursuit that doesn’t involve writing? Not for like hours, but just to relax a bit? You rock!

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