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A few pictures because I refuse to admit that it’s over

standard September 1, 2008 2 responses

I took a million pictures while we were away, but sadly most of them aren’t bloggable. I mean, I’d show them to you, but then I’d have to worry about pervy weirdos oogling my scantily clad daughters and I’m just not ready to go there until they’re at least 14. At least. And in many of the shots where my kids are actually wearing clothes my mother is featured prominently, which is great for my mantle, but not so great for the blog. She specifically requested that I not post pictures of her. Something about coming to haunt me, or cutting me out of the will, or something. I’m not sure, I was too busy laughing at her and threatening to post pictures anyway. (But I’m a good girl, so I won’t. For now. Heh.)

Luckily I did get some cute shots, definitely enough for this week’s Weekly Winners, and possibly enough to make me feel like I can finally lay this vacation to rest and start to focus on the coming week. But that might be a little hasty. We do have a whole other day off, don’t we?

What was she staring at so intently? A strawberry? A shell?
We’ll never know.
She can put a whole strawberry in her mouth and not choke.
Go on, ask me how I know.

Someone took her first steps.
Yes, I have it on video.
No, she’s not wearing any clothes.
You get this instead.
Those people with their PDAs on the beach.
Shocking I tell you.
Or sweet…
No kids on the balcony.
But oh how they wished they could hang with the grownups.
And then we came home and M mowed the lawn.
The end.

Want to see more great pictures? Head on over to Sarcastic Mom‘s site!

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