The Baby and the Mac&Cheese

standard August 8, 2008 3 responses
One of the reasons I was really looking forward to trading in my 9-5 apron for a cuter frillier freelancer version (you know, with little laptops, typewriters, and notebooks all over it) was that I was finally going to have time to cook more often for my family. It’s not that I was feeling guilty that all the girls ever ate was either fish sticks or chicken fries. But, you know, I was feeling guilty that all the girls ever ate was either fish sticks or chicken fries. I mean, C can barely imagine a meal that doesn’t come out of the freezer before getting chucked into the oven.

This week we’ve eaten at home every evening. I’ve even cooked dinner for M each night. And last night I made home made Mac&Cheese for the girls. From scratch! Not from a blue box. And it was easy! And sooooooooo good. I made it extra cheesy and the girls loved it. Well, Little L loved it, C liked the taste, but was frustrated with how “dirty” it made her. But frankly I don’t know what she was complaining about. The mess factor wasn’t disturbing her baby sister in the least.

Why is she complaining about that tiny smudge on her cheek?

She’s wasting precious eating time.

I mean, do I look like I mind being messy?

Almost all gone. Bummer.

Oh wait. Here are a few more.

Maybe I can get them out with this here spoon.

Hun. That’s harder than it looks.

Whatever. That’s what fingers are for.

I think I’ll be making that again. Soon. But not too soon. Wouldn’t want them to forget the taste of fish sticks and chicken fries.

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3 responses

  • That is just too adorable!! Oh and don’t get too used to the “time for home cooked meals” idea. Line up a few clients and its McD’s and Tuna Helper, more nights than not!

  • I cook dinner most nights and Grace still eats things like yogurt and pb and honey sandwiches most of the time. Occasionally pasta.. always mac and cheese.. I might get lucky sometimes and she’ll eat whatever veggie we’re having. But it’s becoming obvious that Grace is going to be mostly a vegetarian. Mcd’s chicken nuggets don’t get her attention these days. She does like the meat that comes in Lunchables. So I feed her those far more than I should. But she eats. All. The. Meat. in those. I can’t help it.

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