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Stand Up 2 Cancer

standard August 15, 2008 3 responses

I read the tweet and replied without hesitating. Sure I’d send in a picture of me holding a sign stating why I wanted to stand up to cancer. The person asking was going to put together a video montage of all the things people stand for and I wanted to be in on it, because, well, cancer sucks.

I went home and started thinking of all the people I’m standing for: my mom, my grandmother, my aunts, M’s grandmother. And then my thoughts moved on to all the friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends who are either fighting their own cancer or who have already lost the battle and I realized I don’t want to limit myself to one person or another. I want to stand for every woman out there who is or will have to fight that battle.

And so I sent in that picture up there.

And Standup2cancer.com created this. It gave me chills.

Who are you standing for?

3 responses

  • I remember when we talked about it online and you said you were going to put “all women” on your sigh, so when I saw the video, I knew that was you. You’re beautiful, btw 🙂

    I’m at 1:53.

    I’m glad we did it.

  • I wish I’d have known about this. I would have sent a shot of my son holding a sign saying “For My Namesake”. He was named after one of my best friends that died at 24. She had a Whilm’s Tumor (I think that’s how its spelled)

  • Great post, Rose. I am with you about standing for all women, but I cannot help but mention my dear friends Carolyn and Judy who both died this year of cancer and my mom who died four years ago–all women I miss a great deal.

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