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On the mend. Kinda almost.

standard August 3, 2008 2 responses

I am thrilled to report that Little L is feeling much, much better today.


Now C has the heinous cold.

That said…

At least I can medicate C, because she is older than 2. Which is a good thing, because any more nights with no sleep and I might do something regrettable. Like, I don’t know, slip my 1 year old some contraband Infant Tylenol Cough and Cold medicine. Hush. No. Of course I don’t have any. And of course I don’t give it to her. Most definitely not. Who would do such a thing? The FDA said we mustn’t.

And you know I don’t because, as I mentioned above, we’re now onto three nights of almost no sleeping. Even if last night it wasn’t all Little L’s fault. It was also the fault of the smoke alarm battery that chose to die shortly after I’d gone to sleep. And C’s fault, for repeatedly waking up and crying, because apparently when you have a stuffy nose you no longer know how to get up and go pee without waking up your baby sister. Didn’t cha know?

In any case both children are sleeping soundly right this moment, which is sure to end as soon as I hit post, close the computer, and get into bed. Because I’m a lucky mom that way.

In other, not at all related to summer colds, news:
Little L took her first steps today. Go baby! And tomorrow is her birthday party. For which M made more cinnamon rolls. And now you’re totally jealous you can’t be there. I know. I’m sorry. But I promise I’ll share pictures. Also pictures of the cupcakes C and I are decorating. You lucky ducks.

But for now if you ever want to read a coherent blog post here ever again I should probably try to get some sleep. It might look something like this, but I’m not sure. I don’t really remember.

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