More of the same.

standard August 2, 2008 3 responses

Today was a lot more of this:and not enough of this:

My nerves are completely shot. My brain is fried. And if I have to hear any more whining or crying (even my own) tonight I might get into my car, drive off, and not come back.

Send good sleep vibes our way. I can’t take another night like last night so soon.

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3 responses

  • lisa m

    Yikes. We all have days like this. HUgs. I hope this weekend brings you peace and rest and no more whining from the little ones.

  • Sun

    Oh no!! I hope tonight/tomorrow are much better!!

    I know what you mean about driving off & not coming back…. I told S yesterday that I felt like leaving w/ the baby & not coming back. The 3s is definitely much more difficult than the 2s.

    I’ve already foisted off the 3YO to my parents this weekend, and I’m trying to foist the 5MO on my ILs, but S said his mom wasn’t too comfortable w/ that idea.


  • Sounds like teething or an ear infection. Hope it passes quickly. I SOOOO know what you mean about needing a break!

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