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Like mother like daughter

standard August 1, 2008 3 responses

A year ago today I had a c-section, but that’s not what made me sick. No, what made me sick was the morphine they gave me for the pain. I spent the entire day throwing up, not nauseous mind you, just unable to keep anything down if I so much as moved a muscle, which, as you know, when you’ve just had a baby is kind of hard to avoid. Especially when certain 2 year olds are coming over to meet their new baby. I eventually stopped throwing up and was allowed to eat toast. Best toast I’ve ever had. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to today, the one year anniversary of the day we discovered I had an intolerance to morphine. (Bummer that.) Much like last year today didn’t go quite as planned. Instead of a long fun day of daycare, Little L got a long, not so fun, day with mommy. Instead of fun birthday snacks, Little L got… well, nothing, because she had no appetite all day. Instead of birthday cupcakes, Little L had formula. And in keeping with tradition she puked it all up. She spent most of the afternoon in a sling on my hip moaning. It was awesome. Truly. You totally wish you’d been here.

I did manage to snag a couple shots of the birthday girl on her actual birthday.

See? She was happy a bit!
But most of the time not so much.

Awesome, right?
Poor baby. Let’s hope that next year is better.

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3 responses