Late afternoon at the beach

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The water tickles their toes as they play on the sticky wet sand, each too engrossed in the moment to notice the pesky lake. One child gathers rocks for their stone pit, another futilely tries to gather sand with a snowball maker, but the recalcitrant dry sand escapes in the wind.

The warm sun is setting off to the right and the lazy breeze chills the grown-ups resting and reading on the sandy towels close to where the kids are playing. They shift and try to shield themselves from the increasingly persistent wind, reluctant to admit that it’s getting a bit too cold to prolong the beach afternoon. It’s hard to admit that the lazy afternoon must come to an end and that everyone must be roused from their blissfully relaxed state.

A brave few venture back into the lake to rinse off sandy hands and feet. Others start to gather towels and beach toys. “What are we doing for dinner?” someone asks, as they finally turn their thoughts to the rest of the day.

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