Hey, ho, hey, ho it’s off to no Internet land we go…

standard August 19, 2008 6 responses

You all thought I panicked last week when there was no daycare. I wrote posts about it all over the Blogosphere, so I guess that’s pretty warranted.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

In two hours or so (depending on the packing that hasn’t even started and the hangover that won’t relent) we’re piling into the car and driving a gagillion hours north (Fine, maybe only 4 or 5, but with two kids in the car it’ll feel like a gagillion.) to Lake Tahoe. To stay in a gorgeous cabin. That has no Internet.


No Internet. Do you know what that means?

No email. (either accounts)
No Twitter.
No IM.
No blog reading.
And most definitely worst: No. Blog. Writing.

How ever will I survive? Will my journal suffice? Will I stare forlornly at the computer and will it to connect to the ether? Sadly I doubt that’s going to work. Rumor has it that the nearby town has some wifi enabled coffee shops, so I will be able to steal away every so often to get my fix, so the shakes shouldn’t get too pronounced.

And you, my friends, will still get your (almost) daily dose because I’ve got a few great posts lined up to launch while I’m away (Paris! Embarrassing things on my iPod! And more!) so don’t forget to come back, and bring your friends while you’re at it. I’d love to meet them!

See you all on the flip side, as they say.

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