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Heading towards a week or so with no Internet. Send help!

standard August 11, 2008 4 responses

Did you hear that loud thunk last week? I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday, around then sometime. No? Oh, it was pretty big, I would have thought you might have heard it. It was the sound of me falling over when I realized I’d be away from the Internet for at the very least a week, possibly more.

No. Internet. For. Over. A. Week. Gulp.

You might not have noticed this about me, but I’m a tad obsessed with the Internet. I’ve found myself checking my email at 4am when Little L was awake for some reason or another. Because, you know, I might have gotten some key piece of spam or something equally important.

I check in with Twitter like a woman possessed. What if someone said or did something that everyone else is going to know and not me because I wasn’t logged in at that very second? The world would end. That’s what. Oh yes it would. Don’t try to tell me otherwise.

So the thought of disconnecting for over a week is, gulp, scary. But also a bit liberating. If my addiction isn’t available then I won’t have to be a slave to it. Such a novel concept for me. So I am a bit looking forward to the break, but shhhh, don’t tell M. He’ll never let me live it down.

In the meantime I’m writing lots of great blog posts that I’ll be scheduling to launch each day that I’m away. What? Did you think I was going to leave you hanging? No way.


I need your help. I’m running out of topics. So tell me, do you have any burning questions you’d live to have me answer? Is there anything you’d love to know about me, M, C, or Little L? Ask away and I’ll be sure to answer while I’m away. OK. Not while I’m away exactly. I’ll answer before and you won’t see it ’til then. Or something, you know what I mean.

So? Questions?

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