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“Eat better, move more.” The EBMM diet.

standard August 19, 2008 4 responses

So, you know how at the end of the day the only way to effectively lose weight is to eat less and exercise more? And you know how unappealing that is? I mean, I’m sorry if you’re a huge exercise buff, and I’m sorry if you have no appetite for food, but you’re probably not the target audience for the old “eat less exercise more” axiom. In fact, you’re probably pretty slim, right?

Well those of us who constantly need to be reminded of the magic formula, we’re not thick, we’re not not listening, we just really like food and really dislike exercise. And so we say we’re going to try, but after a week of eating half our portions and getting up early to go run on the treadmill one morning we hit snooze, the next day we have a little more pasta, and three weeks later we’re right back where we started, if not in a worse space.

Since I’m really determined to be proud of my body again, for you know, more than just being a glorified incubator twice over, I realized I was going to have to sit down with the old axiom, pop open a nice bottle of wine, and have a nice little friendly chat. There had to be a way we could work together to make this weight loss happen without me having to break a sweat too often or give up on things that make my mouth happy.

I found the answer a few days ago and then found confirmation in a cookbook of all places. My solution? I’m not going to focus on eating less, I’m going to focus on eating better. And the cookbook that confirmed I was on the right path? Pam Anderson’s The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great. I used to eat lots of low cal, low fat snacks and stuff to keep myself satiated after a skimpy lunch. I want to cringe when I think of all the processed junk I put in my body. I’m never one to turn down a cookie, cheeto, or candy bar, but the low fat, low cal stuff that poses for the real thing not only doesn’t cut it, but is so full of scary things that the appeal has worn thin. The day I realized I couldn’t fathom feeding the stuff to my kids I realized I shouldn’t be eating it myself.

These days I crave real food. Real cheese, real turkey, real bread, not always wholesome, just always unprocessed. I want simple meals cobbled together with ingredients that I can recognize. I want food that tastes fresh and good. And the irony is that I find this good food so satisfying that I don’t need the junk to keep me full until dinner. On days that I grill a sandwich made from homemade biscuits, cheese, and turkey I’m so happy with my lunch that I don’t need a mid-afternoon snack. I might consume fewer lunch calories when I have a Lean Cuisine meal, but the gorging that ensues more than outweighs a little real cheese.

As for the exercise? Well, my body and I are still on the outs about that. But we’re deep in negotiations and I think that if I start to refer to it as moving instead of exercising I might be able to trick it into action. I’ll let you know how that works out.

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4 responses

  • Great post! It’s taken me many years to figure out it’s better to eat the “real” stuff, as opposed to the processed stuff. And I agree, I eat less, the better I eat.

    Let me know if you figure out a way to not exercise, or something, lol. I hate it!

  • I have gotten to where I rather enjoy exercise (in a masochistic kind of way), but I still love food–and not necessarily the good stuff.

  • REALLY good post. I totally agree…

    I’m working on the eating better thing, too. WHOLE foods are such a wonderful thing. In fact, I was thinking of blogging on this same subject… and I still may. I promise I’m not copying. O.k.? 🙂

  • Today I read about a 31 year old man dying of a heart attack and it scared me. I’m right there with you and I hope I can stick to the changes I’m about to make. Mentally, I’m there. But the motivation to actually do it, might be harder. Good luck to the both of us!

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