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Buh bye Maya’s Mom

standard August 17, 2008 6 responses

Maya’s Mom was the first social networking site that I really got involved in. Well, that’s not exactly true, back when I got married I spent countless hours over at The Knot and then when I was pregnant with C I spent many an evening hanging out in the iVillage forums. But Maya’s Mom was the first place where I created a complete profile, made lots of friends, commented on hundreds of discussions, and really explored the limits of social networking. It was my introduction into that intoxicating world of realer than real virtual relationships and it was a warm, welcoming, wonderful place to start.

Since then I’ve discovered lots of other amazing social networking sites and I’ve made countless friends around the world, many of them who are present on all the sites I love. New social networking sites pop up every week, vying for our attention and loyalty. I can’t even begin to count how many profiles I’ve created on social network sites. I mean, I really can’t, I tried one day and I lost count at 15. No joke.

So why would Maya’s Mom think that when they close their doors on September 10th I’m going to follow them to the new and improved BabyCenter site? I understand that they were granted a fantastic opportunity and I think it’s great that the Maya’s Mom team jumped right into spruicing up the BabyCenter community site. Good for them. But to go and shut down their own site and casually invite people to “come relocate to the BabyCenter community” because they are too busy to manage two sites is absurd. That “the design and features will be familiar to me” is just not enough. Transfer my account, my friends, my groups, my pictures, and everything else I’ve spent well over a year collecting, and maybe, just maybe I’ll join the new site. But transfer just my “member since date” and my “note count” and expect me to do everything else myself and I’m outta there.

I’ve been staunchly faithful to Maya’s Mom. I’ve spread the word, I’ve invited friends, I’ve been one of their big supporters, but I have no allegiance to BabyCenter, and I’ve got no desire to start from scratch over there. I really loved the community that Maya’s Mom created, I loved supporting them because it really felt like I was supporting the little people. BabyCenter doesn’t need me and there are just too many other sites that do.

So Buh Bye Maya’s Mom. Good luck with your new endeavor. I hope you don’t regret your decision down the line.

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6 responses

  • I know..I lost the urge to post at MM when they did the deal…I don’t know babycentre…I know Mayas Mom…I have a hard time committing to communities as it is and so this is too much

  • Yea… that’s hard. I was on BabyCenter for my last two babies, and I really disliked it. They are so catty, and rude, and it has such a large following that you can get lost in the fray.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have some amazing Mommy friends from there, but for the most part, I despise it

  • We invite you to join http://www.momspace.com. We are committed to helping all moms not just ones with small children. You can list your businesses and events for free. We will be launching our new business directory listing and new home page next week and would love your feedback on our site!
    Make it a great day!

  • Hi Rose,

    I wanted to drop you a line after reading your blog, which I’ve been watching since we met at Blogher =)

    Maya’s Mom has been like my second home ever since I started working there in October of 2006. I don’t know what I would have done without it over the past few years had it not been for the friendships I’d made in the community. While it was certainly a pleasure to work on, the women there were nothing short of amazing. They made me want to work harder and faster to bring them the tools they needed in order to help them stay connected to each other. And it is only because we had people like you in our community that we are where we are now. At one point, we were the “little people” who got noticed by someone a lot bigger, and it was your dedication to Maya’s Mom that we stand at the ready, today, to help bring a sense of unity, openness and support to parents all around the world.

    The decision to close Maya’s Mom was not a simple one since the team has always had a personal connection with the community. Our founder, Ann, posted a note as to why, which you can read here. There’s also a ton of very helpful information here about the transition. I hope both will lend a bit more insight as to the considerations we took when coming to our final decision.

    Whether you choose to become a BabyCenter member, or not, is definitely a personal choice. Regardless, your legacy has been left with Maya’s Mom and those who were graced by your friendliness and insightful comments. There is nothing in the world, big or little, that can change that. Please know that your spirit is what continues to drive us, and it is that very piece of community that we hope to bring to BabyCenter.

    I wish you all the best, and please stay in touch!
    (HpsBaby on BabyCenter)

  • I have seen a lot of things are closing, baby center is closing their site and chat room in the fall. They will now be a myspace type site like cafemom.

    Please feel free to tell your friends about my site, I will try to accomodate in any way I can with boards and chat rooms as you all need. You can also use existing chats and boards we have available.


    The boards are located at http://www.a-mommys-world.com/forums/

    My site has been there since 1998, I won’t ever seel it or close it. I offer free boards and chat rooms to all moms or mom groups. No strings attached.

  • I stumbled across your blog via doing a google search for Mayas Mom. I’m an old school babycenter.com parent. There are alot of people on Babycenter (which for the time being is still operating the old message boards as well as the new boards) who feel the same way you do. There are many who feel displaced. I personally like the new format (which is the Mayas mom format you are used to). It WILL be interesting to see how the Mayas Mom and Babycenter Moms will mesh… especially on birth club message boards where many of us began posting on the day we found out we were pregnant. Don’t be discouraged. Babycenter moms are having to deal with alot of change right now too. Come commiserate with us.

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