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Weekly winners – Before and after the beach

standard July 13, 2008 6 responses

On the spur of the moment we decided to end a crazy busy week with a whirlwind beach outing. As soon as the tykes woke from their naps we rounded up suits, towels, and snacks and jumped in the car. Obviously I brought my camera, but even more obviously I left it in the car once we reached the other side of the mountains. So. This week, I bring you The Beach – The Before and After Shots. Happy Weekly Winners!

I’m going to sit right here, with my ball and the towels,
patiently waiting for the beach.
Can we go already?
OK. Wow. That was fun.
So much fun I couldn’t stay awake all the way home.
I know! You’re just dying to know what we actually did at the beach.
Sorry I can’t talk, my mouth is full.

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6 responses