Isn’t it always? Urgent, I mean.

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“OK, we’re all set. No worries, I’ll label it urgent,” the tech guy said to the balding man standing at the counter. He wrapped up the cord, picked up the laptop and tucked the whole deal into the ‘Notebook Repairs’ cupboard.
“Great, thanks, I really need to get it back soon.” The anxious man started to pack up his stuff.
“Um, isn’t it always urgent?” I asked him, clutching my own precious laptop* in my arms while C and Little L wrestled for the stale cheerios I’d found in my purse.
“Yeah, especially when you’re trying to run a business from your laptop and it dies on you. Then ten days is a long time to wait.” He said with a worried smile.
“Sure,” I thought. “Or when you have blog posts to write.”

*It’s all good. The charger died on me today, but I got a brand spanking new one and we’re back in business. Plus we left that store long before the girls started to eat each other, only an hour past their dinner time. I swear I fed them before charging the laptop. Honest.

Pst… Have you entered the Pay it Forward contest? It ends tomorrow night! Go read the entries even if you aren’t entering yourself. Heartwarming I tell you.

And the other little contest? How are we doing on that? Have you subscribed yet? How much more do I have to bribe you? Come on, you can tell me!

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