Houston we have a birthday.

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Uh, oh. It’s Little L’s birthday. How on earth did that happen so fast? I know it’s a cliche, but I really have no clue how this:

(A drama queen from the get go.)

turned into this:

(Always quick to laugh this one.
Especially at mom and dad’s antics.)
One minute Little L was a babe in arms who wanted nothing more than to nurse and cuddle all day long. Now she’s… well, a babe in arms who wants nothing more than to cuddle all day long, you know, when she’s not busy impersonating the Tazmanian Devil.

Who me?

Seriously, how such an angelic looking child can wreak such havoc on our home in such a short amount of time is beyond me. I’ll leave her quietly attempting to stack blocks in one corner of the room, head to the kitchen to grab the phone, come back to find her on the other side of the room emptying my purse on the floor, pulling all the books out of the bookshelves, or typing an email on my laptop. (No joke, she’s created documents! I keep finding them in my file folders. This morning she almost changed a bunch of settings on my FireFox.)

When shes’ not busy redecorating the house it’s because she’s off shadowing her beloved older sister. Whenever she hear’s C’s voice she sits up and claps. No one thrills her more than C. She lives to do whatever C is doing: coloring, eating, playing. I can’t get enough of seeing the two of them interact. My favorite moments are when Little L tries to help C in the morning. She crawls to get her shoes and attempts to shove them on C’s feet. Or she finds the brush and comb and sits behind C and bashes her in the head, because clearly that’s what I do every morning.

If C can drink from a cup, then I’ll drink from a cup too!

And all this despite the fact that she can’t walk, and doesn’t crawl all that fast. Though at this point we’re living on borrowed time. Little L can stand just fine, going from squatting to standing and back down with ease, but she has yet to even attempt taking a step or two.

Just when we thought the cute smiles and sweet mimicry was all the adorable we could handle, this week Little L discovered language. Forget signing, seems that’s for the birds. (Unless you’re dishing up strawberries, then the “more” sign works overtime.) Nope, our little one year old is skipping straight to words.
“Mama,” “Mamy” = Mommy.
“Dada”= Daddy.
“Hay!” = Hi!
“Da”= done.
“Der” = there.
“Uh oh” = anything that is worthy of her attention, or anything she’s dropped.
“Ah ou” = thank you.
“Bebe” = Baby.
“Haaapeee” = Happy, and now “Haaapee bodo” = Happy Birthday.
And last, but definitely not least “No, no, no” said when holding thing she knows she shouldn’t put in her mouth, seconds before putting them in her mouth.
And if she doesn’t have a word for something? Well, that’s no hindrance to this princess, she just makes up a jumble of vowels and consonants that sound just like words to her. Though she does get quite upset when we don’t understand right away.

This little girl has definitely made our lives more interesting, and I’m not just saying that because I haven’t slept a full 6 hours in 365 days. We had no idea what to expect when she arrived, and to be honest, we still don’t always know what we’re getting. We get glimpses of her hilarious, strong willed, intense personality and snatches of impressive inteligence. We have countless cuddles and hugs, open mouthed kisses, and huge belly laughs. We have big blue eyes, and 7 white teeth. We have grubby toes, sticky fingers, and mischievous smiles. It all boils down to a gorgeous, unpredictable no-longer-a-baby,-not-quite-a-toddler none of us can get enough of, not even her enamored big sister.

C loves to say “I like Little L. She’s pretty cute. I think we should keep her.”
Well, C? I agree, I definitely think we should keep her.

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