Home sweet home

standard July 20, 2008 Leave a response

Annnd… I’m home. In my ridiculously tidy home with two sweetly sleeping kids. M outdid himself. Kids are happy, house is clean… might have to leave more often. You know, if I can ever get rid of these shackles he slapped on me as I walked in.

OK. OK. He didn’t really, but I’d better still stick around for a while just so we can recreate the myth of my indispensability. Can’t have these people thinking they can do away with me! Maybe I’ll have to cook something scrumptious tomorrow. Or be extra nice for a few days.

Still tons of things to report from BlogHer. Great bloggers to showcase. Great swag to review. Oh and a funny little story that starts with Twitter and ends with me typing this blog post on a brand new HP laptop. That’s right. I’m sitting here at home with my brand new iPod, brand new laptop, and brand new blue tooth headset. BlogHer? ROCKED.

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