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Does the world implode when social networking meets reality TV?

standard July 29, 2008 2 responses

I was on Twitter the other night when someone, I can’t remember who, started whining about a dozen pounds she wanted to drop. I jumped in bemoaning my own unrelenting pregnancy pounds and half of Twitter jumped in with their own story.

Since the place is run over by brilliant creative types it was a given that one of the Tweeters would take the bull by the horns and run with it. And thus was born the great Tweight Loss Challenge of 2008*. Well, actually Tweight Loss Challenge of July 2008. (So many people wanted to join that a whole new “season” is starting in a month.**)

The set up? 70 Tweeters divided into four teams, twelve members per team. The goal? Be the team that has lost the most weight at each Monday Tweigh-in. And the beauty of it all? The outpouring of support and the community that is growing out of a couple people lamenting their lack of dieting willpower. People are sharing fitness tips. Trainers are jumping in with advice. Sponsors are donating prizes. Friends who have never met each other in real life are cheering each other on. Teams are coming up with avatars and cheers. And all that in just 140 characters at a time.

It’s our very own Biggest Loser reality show and I’m going full steam ahead. I can’t be the one to let down my team! Plus, prizes, did I mention prizes? This morning I went to a fitness class at the gym I just joined. I tracked my points*** intake carefully all day. I drank industrial quantities of water. And the best part is that I’m going to do it again tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after. Unless the gym thing kills me, which it might well do, because oh. my. God. I’m so not as fit as I thought, but then it wouldn’t matter anyway. I’m pretty sure if we die the team wouldn’t suffer, they’d just reorganize the participants or something. The kids might miss me, M might pine for a while, but the Tweight Loss Challenge would go on unhindered.

*Go to Summize.com and type in #Tweightloss to follow the many threads.
** Want to join in? Join Twitter and contact AudreyMcClellan.
*** My Tweightloss techinique = increased activity + Weight Watchers points tracking. Can’t fail, right?

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2 responses

  • Great project!

    Congrats on starting your freelance career – hope your first day went well too.

  • This is great! Congrats! This is the first example I’ve heard of twitter that doesn’t sound like a complete time-suck.

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