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Day 2 at BlogHer – The party continues

standard July 19, 2008 3 responses

I had all that angst for so long about being here. Even knowing it was going to be fun I still worried about meeting people, schmoozing, and generally having to be around a 1000 women. I wasted all that time. Because frankly everyone is being ridiculously nice.

I run into people in the elevator and chat for a minute. I’ve met awesome people at every session and party. I’ve handed out almost all of my business cards and gathered a million. Everyone is interested in meeting others and I’ve even accosted some big name bloggers and squealed before composing my self and saying suavely “I read your blog every day.” without getting kicked on my ass. Though I did get shy and didn’t give them my card. It was still awesome. Heck I’ve even hobnobbed with some of the BlogHer organizers and been overwhelmed by their cool factor.

Oh! Oh! And I chatted with a girl at a party and kept saying “Man, you really do look familiar. No but really you do.” and then her friend rescued me by saying “Well maybe it’s because she was just on Rachel Ray.” just as the blogger in question handed over her card. Then I got even more excited and I told her that I was incensed that Rachel kept cutting her off. Now we’re BFFs. Totally. No joke.

OK. Then there were more sessions, and more parties, and more schmoozing, and then a small group of us ducked out and went to see Mama Mia. Which rocked. We sang, and laughed, and cried, and clapped. It was the perfect movie for this weekend, and not just because M would never have gone to see it with me.

I’m live blogging some more sessions tomorrow and I took endless notes at the first session I attended this morning. I had some profound thoughts I can’t wait to share with you all (Blogging! The modern version of the quilting circle!) , but I have to type it all up and just don’t have the energy tonight.

All in all, it was well worth the angst. And I’m ridiculously glad I came. And not just because I met Rocco Dispirito, who was totally cool and not at all the asshole everyone makes him out to be. Or because I got a free Blue Tooth Headset this morning. Nope, not at all.

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3 responses

  • Very nice post! It is my first time and it is really cool to meet so many great women. This is so much fun and very refreshing to be a part of.

  • It has been great meeting everyone. I totally want to try and run into you!!!

  • Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I’m so glad I’ve found yours because all this BlogHer info is really informative. I wish I were a member! And your Rachel Ray blogger story is hilarious!! Love stuff like that:)

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