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But do you really know me?

standard July 15, 2008 8 responses

As BlogHer approaches I can’t help but wonder what you all know about me. I mean, some of you read my blog on a regular basis, but do you really know me?

I’ve been meaning to do a 100 things about me post forever, and it feels like this might be the best time ever. So, without further ado, I bring you: More than you ever wanted to know about Rose, aka Kikarose, aka Jessica.

1) On July 22, 1976
2) I was born in Suresnes, France, a suburb of Paris.
3) I had one older sister.
4) She’s three years and three days older than me.
5) Four years later my mother had a third child, another daughter.
6) We lived in France until just before my 7th birthday.
7) We spent 3 years in Rye, NY. (Yes, home of PlayLand.)
8) Then we moved to London, England.
9) While we lived there a Brit spat at me and my friend and called us Dirty Capitalists.
10) I had to go home and ask my dad what a Capitalist was.
11) Pretty sure I didn’t understand the explanation.
12) When I was 13 we moved back to France.
13) I went to a bilingual school.
14) For months I cried myself to sleep because I wanted to go home, but I was home.
15) I was a bit confused.
16) I still am.
17) I stayed in France until I was 23.
18) Then I went to NY for a summer internship and met M during a weekend trip to Boston.
19) He was supposed to be a one night stand.
20) I was swearing off relationships because a second long term one had just ended badly.
21) Instead I wanted to tell him I loved him after knowing him for maybe 12 hours.
22) After three weeks I decided to move to Boston to give the relationship a serious try.
23) I’d known him for four weeks when I moved in with him.
24) It was a temporary measure while I searched for a place of my own.
25) But really, even though I got my own apartment, after I moved to Boston we rarely spent a night apart from each other.
26) It’s OK. I can tell the Internet. I told my inlaws last week.
27) Plus, it’s water under the bridge now that we’re an old married couple.
28) It all worked out in the end.
29) I spent just over a year in Boston.
30) I tried to do my Masters long distance while over there.
31) It didn’t work out so well.
32) Instead I worked in a Daycare center and an advertising agency.
33) And then I dragged M back to France with me so I could finally finish my Masters.
34) We lived in a tiny studio apartment in Montmartre for 13 months.
35) The street we lived on was featured in the movie Amelie.
36) M worked hard to put me through my last year of school.
37) I defended my thesis on September 9, 2001.
38) It was about Children’s Literature at the Turn of the Century.
39) I went on and on about how people historically turn to children’s literature to escape the realities of impending war and stressful times.
40) My big theory was that the rise of Harry Potter was a sign of impending war.
41) I don’t like being right.
42) We moved to California on October 17, 2001.
43) When we decided to move the economy was booming.
44) By the time we arrived the economy had crashed.
45) We were supposed to spend three months in my in-law’s pool house while we figured things out.
46) We didn’t move out for two years.
47) I was supposed to launch an advertising career.
48) I ended up working in a synagogue.
49) We all know how that’s ending.
50) M wanted to work in Finance.
51) He ended up in law school.
52) Now we live in Santa Clara, CA.
53) Our little house is bursting at the seams from all the toys, but we love it here.
54) We have no plans to move any time soon.
55) Even though transitioning the baby to her sister’s room is proving harder than we had planned.
56) We miss having a room to ourselves.
57) I’ve been blogging since February ’04.
58) That’s four and a half years people. Boggles the mind really.
59) Aha, you’re quite astute, that’s right, this here blog didn’t come into existence until February ’06
60) Before that I blogged sporadically at blanketz.motime.com.
61) It was about knitting, and then pregnancy, and then C.
62) I started knitting and blogging because I was bored in the evenings while M studied.
63) Now he‘s bored when I’m online all evening.
64) I ditched the old blog because I freaked out about having certain family members read my blog.
65) I started a new anonymous blog.
66) Which my family now actually reads, as opposed to the old one they couldn’t have cared less about.
67) At least the writing has greatly improved.
68) I’ve always loved to write
69) But I only just realized that not everyone actually likes to play with words
70) And that I might actually be good at it
71) I feel a great sense of relief that I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with my life.
72) And before I turn 32!
73) By a few months, but still.
74) I hate the question “What’s your favorite movie?”
75) or “What’s your favorite song?”
76) I’ve never cared enough about either medium to have a favorite.
77) I use music and movies as background entertainment while I read or write.
78) But I love TV.
79) OK. I’m addicted to TV.
80) It’s a problem.
81) No we’re not getting rid of it.
82) M didn’t get on board fast enough and I retracted the offer.
83) Because, dude, TV! What would I watch while I blog?
84) I’m shy, but you’d never know it.
85) I’m perfectly bilingual, but you’d never guess.
86) M thinks I could be a spy.
87) But I’m not. Or am I?
89) Sorry. Too much TV.
90) If you tried to describe me you’d be describing half the female population.
91) Brownish shoulder length wavy hair.
92) 5’4″, some 20lbs overweight. (Hey! Shhh. Baby weight. I’ll lose it… someday…)
93) I’m an avid reader.
94) I have a car book, a bathroom book, a bed side book, a purse book.
95) Yes, I read them all at the same time.
96) No, I don’t get confused.
97) Yes, I do get panicky at the thought of having nothing to read if I ever have a spare moment.
98) I have a terrible memory for names, but I remember faces.
99) I drink tea every morning, coffee is an indulgence.
100) I have a ton more to tell you, but I’m all tapped out for tonight.

Man… that was exhausting. I think tomorrow I’m just showing you a picture of me. Then everyone at who knows me who is at BlogHer will recognize me. Or maybe I should just walk around with pictures of C and Little L all over my shirt.

Want more? I did another 100 things post

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8 responses

  • “M thinks I could be a spy.”

    I like it! 🙂

  • Makes me want to do my own 100 things about me list, but it would totally pale in comparison to yours!

    ps – sending you an e-mail on my investigative work at feedburner!

  • This is awesome! I’m currently househunting in Rye, so take that!! (I’m originally from Pleasantville, NY). And v. impressive that you multi-task reading so many books at once. I can’t do more than one at a time, personally.

  • Ok, I know moms with little ones naturally have a lot in common, but your 100 things freaks me out. Even your physical descrption. But my big sister is only 1 year older, the younger is 5 years younger. And my idyllic childhood was CT, not NY. Never lived overseas, but now am in CA. Your theory re childrens lit intrigues me.

  • Anonymous

    74) “What’s your favorite movie?”

    One day, it will be your favorite question. For the movie will be the movie of how you conquered adversity, succeeded and prevailed in the end.

  • I love you….miss our talks. 🙂

  • I didn’t know about your Children’s Lit IN THE EARLY NINETEENTH CENTURY interest! Are you a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan, by chance?

  • That was just me, by the way (Chrissie)

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