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Blogging; it’s not a dirty word

standard July 21, 2008 9 responses

Being away for two days was awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my husband and kids. I love being a mom and a wife. I love being with them. I love our life. But there’s no doubt that I was in dire need of some me time, and that BlogHer was definitely the right place for me to recharge my batteries.

Three months before Little L was born M ruptured a cervical disk leaving me to pretty much care for C on my own. Then the baby was born and we all know how that goes: no sleep, constant nursing, crying, the works. Throw a preschooler, injured husband, and work into the mix a mere four months later and you pretty much have a recipe for disaster.

Because my plate wasn’t quite full enough I decided to launch a shiny brand new career in the midst of all that. So on top of everything else I was working late into every night and feeling like I just wasn’t doing enough for anyone, and completely ignoring myself while I was at it. Yeah, it was getting ugly.

So two days all about myself and my needs was very refreshing, probably even crucial at this point. I got to go to bed when I wanted and wake up when I needed to. I showered on my schedule and ate what I felt like eating. Any snacks in my purse were mine, all, all mine. And even though I missed M, C, and Little L terribly it was liberating to be able to eat a meal without having someone poke me, climb on me, or need to be fed in the middle of my entree.

And then there was the added bonus of having the conference validate my feelings about blogging.

I’ve always used my blog as my outlet, as a way to think through issues, to record moments I didn’t want to forget. It’s been my hobby for years now. I loved sitting down at night to pour my heart out into words. I felt a thrill each time I hit publish and an even better high when people commented on my words. Nothing is more heady for a writer than knowing that her words have moved someone to want to reply. But despite all the joy blogging brought me it was always something I was a little ashamed to cop to. Almost as though blogging were my dirty little secret, not a lot bad, just a little, like a weird food craving or a slightly disturbing fetish. I met awesome friends and discovered a priceless community, but I still felt very sheepish when I revealing to someone I knew in real life that I had a blog.

Being surrounded by 1000 women who share my dirty little secret made it not so little and definitely not so dirty. Maybe instead of “I’m so blogging this.” the swag bag tag line should have read: “Blogging; it’s not a dirty word.”

Everyone at the conference handed out their colorful business cards with pride and discussed their blog niche with glee. I didn’t hear a single person say “I just have a mommyblog.” or “I just write about my kids.” Everyone was proud of their blog, excited about their creation, and it was inspiring and thrilling to be surrounded by that energy.

Now that I’m home I have to adjust my enthusiasm levels a bit. Not about the blog itself, just about the way I accost complete strangers. I have to remember that not everyone feels compelled to tell the world every detail of their lives, and that not everyone cares to know more about me than meets the eye. But the slight shame about the blog? Totally gone. In fact I think I need to get a few more business cards from Moo. I only have two left over from this weekend and I know I’m going to want to hand out more than that in the coming weeks. I have a blog to promote and lots of energy to devote to it!

Tomorrow I’ll upload the notes I took at the first session I attended. There was just a bit too much to sift through to get it done tonight.

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9 responses

  • *I’m* energized from reading this so thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

    Also, I just wrote about MOOs the other day–love them!

  • Very nice post…. blogher seems to have done well for many!

  • I didn’t get to go to BlogHer this time around, but just reading everyone else’s experiences has really changed my outlook for my own blog. I’m ready to come out of my shell and really turn it into something that I want to share with the world!

  • What an incredible experience you just had! I’m so jealous and feel like I may have acted irrationally when I decided to pull the plug on my site 🙁

    I dunno, maybe I’ll have to rethink.

    You’re an inspiring writer and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I’ll continue to be a loyal subscriber!

  • It was a great time and great seeing you there! Now if there was only enough time to write all the posts that were inspired this weekend.

  • Right, on, Rose! I agree whole-heartedly. I really enjoyed meeting you,talking to you, and learning your real name. stay in touch.

  • Sounds like you had a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to go next year. You capture the slight shame of blogging so well – but really it’s just that people don’t get it. As bloggers it’s our role to spread the kool-aid. I recently had a couple of women I know in town say they want to take me out for coffee because they want to start blogging too – it was a proud day for me!

  • I waned to go so bad! It would’ve been great to be around real people and discuss my blog, without them going, “Oh. What’s a blog?” I’m slowly educating my friends on the greatness of blogging, but I’m glad you got that pride in your work! Awesome!

    I clicked here from Adoptic!

  • Found you through Adoptic too 🙂

    What a great post. I love blogging too, but know so few bloggers “in the real world”, and I hate THAT look you get when you confess/tell someone you blog. (You know – THE LOOK that says “Are you mad? Have you no life? Huh?”)

    I would love to attend something like BlogHer but Ireland is a bit far to travel.

    So envious of having a break with no little sticky hands/raisins/wet wipes. Did you resist the temptation to wipe another bloggers nose, or cut up their food for them? LOL

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