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Things I need to do before my roomy picks me up tomorrow at 3pm:

– Install the new carseat/booster in M’s car so he can pick up the girls from daycare tomorrow
– Laundy
– Start packing
– Charge the camera
– Decide which camera to bring
– Decide which purse to bring
– Go to Target to fill a prescription for one of the kids and return a bunch of stuff
– Work! Arg.
– Find the perfect water bottle (because BlogHer is all about the eco friendly. And no M, I promise I won’t buy a new water bottle… Ahem.)
– Try on new outfits and let M tell me how much he hates it
– Pick something new to wear to the three parties I’m going to tomorrow night
– Pick something to wear to the party on Friday
– Pack both outfits
– Iron some clothes
– Finish packing
– Pick out some outfits for the girls so M doesn’t have to scramble Friday morning.
– Check out the previous years’ live blogging samples so I have a clue about what’s expected of me.
– Make myself a BlogHer schedule. I know, I’m a dork, but I’m convinced I’m going to forget to go to some key event, you know, like one of the sessions I’m scheduled to liveblog.

Things I’m actually doing:
– Sitting on my ass on the couch
– Writing this blog post
– Twittering

Have I mentioned that I’m the Type A Mom Babies editor? So far I’ve only written a few articles, but I think they’re pretty good. I’d love to know what you think! Click here to access the Babies page.

And while I’m tooting my own horn, head on over to Blissfully Domestic tomorrow (Thursday) to see the very first edition of my new contests and giveaways column. Trust me, you want to go see, lots of cool giveaways!

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5 responses

  • 3 parties? I only have 2 on my list. Mainly because I don’t think I can make it to the Kirtsy party. What’s your 3rd!!??/

  • LOL wandered over here from BD. I am a writer there also. But that is not the ironic thing. My name is Jessica and my blog is It’s My Life Laugh If You Must. Can you hear the Twilight Zone music?

    Have fun at blogher.

  • @Momma to LG – going to the SVmoms party, the Newbies party, AND The People’s Party. I think. I’m not sure how!

    @Jessica… uh, can you say eery? Maybe we’re long lost twins or something. HA! Off to check out your blog.

  • hey – sounds like fun getting ready for blogher! you’re apparently very popular too. mentioned you on my site today – come see me!

  • Have fun, have fun! 🙂

    Thanks again for pimpin’ my giveaway! The mom who owns Tiny Tags is so excited at the great turnout.

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