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Aaand… we’re here

standard July 18, 2008 2 responses

My roomie and I arrived in plenty of time to get settled into our hotel room and get changed before heading out to the three parties scheduled for this evening.

We started at the big Silicon Valley Moms blog party at Slide. We got there a tad early, lured by the promise of food and wine. When they finally let us into the groovy club we sedately took the stairs to the darkened room and made a beeline for the buffet. (No we did not go down the slide. Shh. I know. Party poopers. Whatev.) We ensconced ourselves in a corner booth and dug in. And that’s when the miracle took place. People came over, sat with us, chatted, and stayed. Soon we felt like the heart of the party. And we never had to get up! It was awesome. So when it came time to move on to the next two parties we were pretty well rested still. Brilliant technique.

Best part of the evening? Winning a 4gig video iPod nano. Dude. We entered a Chevy contest. They asked us to come up with cool descriptions for the new Chevy Traverse. I whipped out a bit about Maximus Prime and won. Clearly the judge was just as into Transformers as me… because she never picked up on the fact that I got the name horribly, embarrassingly wrong. Oops. Oh well. Let’s focus on the important things: shiny gorgeous iPod.

Two more parties, lots and lots of schmoozing. Meeting awesome bloggers. Drinking. Handing out tons of business cards and pocketing just as many. Laughing, laughing, and laughing some more. And now we are safely back in our room, snug in our Heavenly beds, ready to sleep the deep, deep sleep of mommies who won’t be woken in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow? More schmoozing and hobnobbing and lots of learning and blogging. I’m liveblogging one session tomorrow and two on Saturday so stay tuned for awesome reports from the BlogHer front.

Can’t get over how nice everyone was, how many people I met, and how much fun I’m already having. This rocks. So does this bed. And my ear plugs and Simply Sleep. Yawn.

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2 responses

  • Oh, how fun! And thank you, thank you, thank you for the great prize package you sent. It arrived today, and I’m going to have fun with the slick make-up and fun pretty things. You are awesome!

  • So fun! Keep the reports coming. Maybe tomorrow you’ll win a WII!

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