Weekly winners – when cute meets silly

standard June 8, 2008 8 responses

Sometimes when cute meets silly you get some real winners. Don’t forget to visit sarcasticmom.com to see some other weekly winners!

The best kind of pipe.
In fact the only kind we have around our house…
Mah hair. Eet iz so preety.
Mah barrette… Eet iz so silly.
No no, this is silly.
OK. Mommy wins the silly award.
(15 years with corrective lenses…
you’d think I’d know better than not to do that to my eyes. Oy)
Look Mah. No bangs!*

* I got the cut, and I didn’t get the bangs. The stylist talked me out of it. Something about the way my hair grows and natural parts and being a busy mom… yada yada yada. So essentially I got the same cut I always get. Yay me.

OK. Now I have to go deal with the kid having a bit of asthma in her crib. Oh joy.

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