Weekly winners – The “where’s my good camera?” edition

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The fear of the 100F forecast drove us from our house to the in laws’ pool. We packed sandwiches, snacks, and bathing suits and headed for cooler wetter ground. Sadly in our haste to get out the door with towels, suits, snacks, water, sunscreen, changes of clothes, and children I completely forgot to grab the camera bag.

Now, I’m a blogging mama. I always have a camera on me. My trusty little point and shoot Nikon lives in my diaper bag/purse to record solemn occasions such as the result of a restaurant spaghetti experience or a funny sign spotted out in the world. But I have been ridiculously spoiled by my Nikon D40, so having to rely on it today to snap shots of my kids was fingernails on a blackboard to my photographer’s soul.

Every time I spotted the perfect shot I’d point, click… and wait an interminable time for the camera to react. Obviously my kids didn’t hold the pose. And then I’d have to wait another agonizing 10 or 15 seconds for the camera to be ready to shoot again. Never going on another family outing without the D40 again.

Oh, wait… you were here for pictures? Sorry ’bout that. Between M and I we did get a few precious moments. Here are the Weekly Winners. Don’t forget to click the link to see other great shots.

What could be sweeter than sisters sharing a cookie.
Gotta love the fact that I let my 10.5 month old eat chocolate…
Oh the lax attitude of the 2nd time mom.
My preshus…
Another minute and she would have named it.
Good thing it was too yummy to resist or she’d be tucked in with her new “baby.”

This pool side eating is the life.
I love kicking back and relaxing after a good meal and cookie.

Next week I’ll have more shots. And they might even be in focus! How novel.

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