Weekly winners – The garden edition

standard June 1, 2008 17 responses

Our garden is by no means finished. Of course not. That would entail our contractor coming out of hiding and I think he must be running from the law… or from another irritated customer. Why else would he ignore every single one of our calls and emails even though we still haven’t paid for any of the work on our yard? Whatever. At least we have grass. Yay! And it’s not all dying. Yay! And we have… Well, I’ll just let you see for yourselves. I bring you Weekly Winners – The garden edition.

We have garden gnomes… er… babies,
dancing girls
who have their own houses.
With windows. And little sisters.
We have peaches!
And lavender.
And, euh, pink flowers!
And more pink flowers!
And a hammock so we can enjoy it all.

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