Weekly winners – Sun, water, and … mud?

standard June 15, 2008 11 responses

After four years of not being able to use our back yard we are now spending every possible moment lapping up the sun in our new oasis. I’ve selected a few Weekly Winners so you can gauge just how much we’re enjoying our gorgeous back yard.

M is especially fond of the hammock.

Our Dora Splishy Splashy toy doesn’t just make gorgeous water droplets.
It also cools and entertains. Brilliant!
C thinks the goal is to get the stars without getting wet.
As you can see, she’s pretty successful.

Little L knows the value of a good lap and how to kick back and relax.
Even when we’re not outside.

But when she’s outside she knows the value of a good meal…
made of mud.
(That was the artistic shot. This is the funny one.
And yes, after taking ten pictures I did clean the mud
out of her mouth and off her hands and face. Ahem.)
Happy Father’s day everyone. And a happy week too!

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