Revising an old classic

standard June 7, 2008 1 response

“Which one is Dopey?” C interrupts me in the middle of the story.
“That’s such a bad name. Today we’d never call him Dopey. He’d be called something like Slowey, or Not Quite As Smart As The Othersey. And Doc? It would so not be cool to make fun of his glasses like that. Happy, well, I guess it’s OK to be happy, but what about that poor Grumpy? Maybe he’s just a little cheerfully challenged, it’s not his fault. And that poor Sneezy. Maybe he just needs a little allergy medication. It’s pretty dusty in that tiny house.”
“But mommy, which one is Dopey?”
“Oh, sorry. Dopey’s that little funny looking one on the end.”

Happy weekend everyone. May it be filled with classic joy.

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1 response

  • hehehehe

    I own two different books full of “pollitically correct” bedtime stories where the old classics are rewritten with pc phrasing and plots. Very amusing. Very tongue in cheek. I giggle when i read them.

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