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Really, really

standard June 5, 2008 5 responses

“C. I said no.”
“But Mommy, I really, really want Play-Doh.”

“C, Come get dressed.”
“But Mommy, I really, really want four more minutes in my pajamas.”

“C, eat your veggies.”
“But Mommy, I really, really want some crackers.”
“Eat your veggies. I said no crackers tonight.”
“But I really, really want them.”
“Yes, I know, but I really, really said no.”
“But I really, really…”

50 million times a day it’s the same thing. She really, really wants that. She really, really doesn’t want to do this. She thinks that it’s the perfect counter argument to whatever I’m asking her to do, or not do. Like her desires are more powerful than my warnings or guidance.

I miss the days when she just said “Yes momma.” and left it at that. And I’m really, really tired of arguing.

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5 responses

  • Tonight I scolded the 4 YO for not sharing her toy with her baby brother and she just sat pouting for a minute. I told her, “Say ‘ok mommy'” and she said “Ok mommy” *pouting* Love it! Have to make sure she doesn’t learn “really, REALLY”.

  • A likes to say ‘but I neeeeed it’ or ‘it’s my FAVORITE xxx’. Funny how she has a different ‘favorite’ blanket/plate/cup/whatever every day. We’re still working on explaining the difference between need & want…next will be explaining what ‘favorite’ means.

  • I recently told my mother that my son was no longer so “bendable to my will”…I miss those days, and he’s only 6.

  • Oh, so you don’t already stick your fingers in your ears and chant “la, la, la, la….I’m not listening” until she retreats?? 😉 Oh the persistence of this age. Want them to have it at 24, but at 4, not so much.

  • @Shere1 – Well don’t let her read my blog then! 🙂 Oh the toy sharing… that’s worth a post in and of itself. Sometimes C thinks sharing means she should clunk Little L on the head with the toy in question. Arg.

    @Sun – I think the really, really came in retaliation of the lesson on the difference between need and want. You’ve been warned! 🙂

    @Lora – 6? You made it 6 years? I’m so jealous. Little L is 10 months old and she’s already fighting back. I want a son!

    @heatherk – I try that, and I try that and when I take my fingers out they’re all still there talking at me… I can’t win.

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