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Loot and goodwill, what could you ask for more?

standard June 30, 2008 33 responses

The amazing Swistle has started a feel good, do good contest thing-a-ma-bob that I just felt like I had to be a part of. That’s me, the eternal joiner. Explains the million email lists I’m on.

Anyway – the gist of the contesteroo is thus:
I hold a contest, you enter (yes you, even the lurkers, heck, especially the lurkers), you win (yay!), you host a contest, she enters, she wins, she hosts a contest, he enters, he wins… etc, etc, etc. You get the drift, right? It’s all about Paying It Forward. (Do I lose cool points if I admit I loved that movie? I’m not admitting anything, just asking! Sheesh.)

If you visit Swizzle‘s site you can see ALL the Pay It Forward contests and enter each and every one of them. Think of the potential! Think of the loot! Think of the good karma! Think of the weird time, space continuum loop mix-ups. Wait. That was another movie. Never mind.

For my contest I’m going to offer up… well, I’m not really sure. I was going to give away some choice swag from BlogHer, but that might still be a bit too far away for today’s purpose. Have no fear, I’ll come up with something awesome. Now all you have to do is enter.

To do so it’s simple just leave me a comment sometime before midnight July 4th telling me a time you “paid it forward” or a time you did some good deed you’re proud of. And if you can’t think of anything, well make one up. We might giggle, but we won’t tell, promise.

OK. Have at it.

*Edited to fix the spelling of Swistle… because OMG that’s embarassing.

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33 responses

  • Count me in…I paid for someone’s coffee in the car behind me at the coffeeshop. 🙂

  • I wrote a letter at the end of my son’s 1st grade year commending his teacher. I sent it to the principal and the school board…

    I also paid for someone’s gas the other… randomly… 🙂

  • I gave a new friend I met in my class a soda during our class break. Simple, but made his day.

  • Seriously, I helped my neighbor move out of her house last night and made soup for a sick friend today. She hasn’t called me to bring it though, so soup anyone?

  • Anonymous

    i bought clothes for kids that needed them but they didn’t know that I bought them.

  • I baby sat for two troubled kids that were broken over their parents divorce and their fathers leaving them and having another girlfriend/family on the side, for free, for six years while the mother worked. The only payment I ever got (she didn’t use me, she just could barely make it as it was) was the satisfaction that I kept two great kids out of daycare who would have not done well in daycare, and made lifetime friendships with them. The oldest is now in college, the younger one is now 17 and driving. They both still love me dearly and I recieved a letter from the oldest, when she was 16 that said, “Thank you for making a difference in my life, Things may have been really bad when dad left us, and mom fell apart, but I always knew, no matter what, we could count on you. You were my security.” I never really had thought of what I did as anything extra ordinary. I was a kid (much older) myself, and I might as well. Really, they kept me out of trouble too so it came two fold. Those girls needed me, so I kept myself in line. Amazing how someitmes when you think your giving and not recieving, your actually getting even more back.

  • I made a meal for someone I didn’t know (a friend of a friend) after she had a baby. I figured they could use the help.

  • I once paid for a lady’s groceries at Target. She had two little girls in her cart and none of her debit/credit cards were working. I was behind her in line and saw how embarrassed and upset she was, so I paid for them for her.

  • In high school I went on a mission trip where we did work on houses for those who couldn’t do it themselves. It was a really great experience.

    But, reading some of other people’s comments of “everyday” type stuff to help people out is pretty inspiring. I think I should look for more ways to be helpful.

  • Whenever new neighbors move in, I bake them a treat and give them a list of doctors, dentists, vets, etc…. just like the brownies one of my neighbors made me when we first moved in!

  • I gave someone actual correct directions instead of the crazy ones I was planning to give. That’s a good deed, right?

  • For a couple years I made stockings and Easter baskets for some poverty-stricken kids that my SIL taught.

    When I was a kid, we moved into a new neighborhood and I took a quarter and a piece of Hubba Bubba across the street and gave it to the girl playing in the yard. I was looking for someone to play with, so I had an ulterior motive – still counts, though, right?

  • It makes me happy to feed peoples expired parking meters.

  • What a great contest! Reminds us of our humanity and the goodness we all possess. My favorite pay-it-forward is the time my family and a bunch of friends had a surprise Christmas party for the guys at a local homeless shelter where I cook/serve supper on a rotating schedule. We had a great time putting together gift bags full of toiletries, cards, paper, stamps, socks, knit caps…ya know, essential stuff you can’t afford when you’re out of a home and a job. We all donned crazy Santa hats, showed up with a small tree to decorate, the gifts, and a great feast. Best Christmas I remember. Seeing our kids participate and buy things from their own allowances and savings was awesome too, but secondary to the looks on those lonesome men’s faces. Ah!

  • I baby-sat my friends kids so her and her husband could go out to dinner for her birthday. That was pretty nice of me.

  • I’m drawing a blank, and I hope it’s not because I never do good deeds. Surely that’s false?

  • We gave our car to a family who really needed it. It was so much fun.

  • Pick me Pick me! Saw you on the blog idol contest-gooood luck!

  • I attempted to do a good deed by buying some groceries for people who were “begging” for $ outside of the bank. By the time I returned with the food they were long gone. I ended up giving the food to my cousin .

  • Anna B

    So I gave Phil’s tennis shoes that were in the back of the car to the homeless man who always use to be on Bascom Ave. with one shoe that could talk to you. That day I saw him on the side of the road asking for money so I offered him the shoes. He was very thankful. Except that he looked pretty funny with Phil’s size 14 clown shoes. But they were warm without any wholes. Warm ticklies…

  • I babysit for people pretty frequently. I offer my husband’s electician services for free to almost anyone we meet. Hey, I miss him when he’s not home! It’s a sacrifice!
    I’m lame. I’m going to do something nice soon.

  • i’ve paid for my co-workers lunch a few times. 🙂

  • So we made a little donation to Maryland Public Television and the “premium” was 4 tickets to a local children’s museum. We are only three so I took the extra ticket and gave it to the family in front of us in line. It was so fun to just give it to them and I know it made their day!

  • I helped my sister out with tending kids. The only payment that I accepted was a hug.

  • I cleaned the common area of the building where we live and swept and ran the vacuum for my neighbor.

  • I left lottery tickets on random windshields just because.

  • my random act of kindness is to give my guest ticket at the zoo to a stranger (we get a guest ticket with each visit but don’t always have a guest)

  • We gave our black leather couch to a girl that was just starting out. She had no furniture & was a total stranger. Later she emailed & said we really should have gotten money for it. Told her we were happy to help her get going. If it wasn’t for hand me down furniture, my hubby & I would have been sitting on the floor ourselves!

  • may

    My husband and I paid for an old lady’s restaurant bill without her knowing.

  • I just love paying for someone else’s coffee, lunch, etc.

  • Libby

    I bought some gift certificates for the diner where a lot of elderly singletons go, and asked the owner, who knows everyone) to give them to the ones that needed them the most.

  • One Christmas (when I was pregnant) we bought lots of gifts for a friend of mine. Her husband had been out of a job for several months, and she didn’t think her boys would get any Christmas gifts from them. So we picked out a few things, then gave them a gift card to go pick out their own gifts for the kids. And we got them a gift card for a restaurant. It felt pretty good, and that family had a great Christmas.

  • Well, I’ve been lucky alot, so I try to pay it forward whenever possible. For the last 3 Thanksgivings and Christmases, I’ve provided food baskets for my neighbors who’re having problems w/money. Throughout the year, I also share with her all our excess milk, juice, etc. from wic.

    We’ve also donated our car to a family who needed it through freecycle.

    I also use http://wishuponahero.com to find people around the holidays to help. I’m a big believer in karma & paying it forward.

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