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Just plain miserable

standard June 30, 2008 2 responses

I’ve been trying since LAST NIGHT to upload all of my super cute Weekly Winners, but Blogger, the Internet, and frankly the universe seem determined to keep all of you from seeing yet another set of pictures of my beloved children. Every time I try to upload more than one picture the whole system crashes. Maybe one of you put a hex on my blog because you just couldn’t take the cuteness any more. Well, bummer for you, because this week I had cool shots of flowers! and toes! and even a tiny cute ear! And you’re not going to get to see them, so there. Lift the hex! The world needs to see baby toes!

Any other time I would suck it up and try again and again and again. Cursing out Blogger and the world until all the shots were lined up just so and the captions word perfect, but this weekend I just can’t do it. I’m sorry.

You see, and my mother is going to be pissed that I’m saying this online, but my post pregnancy honeymoon is officially over and once again my body has been taken over by the oh so evil hormones that torment women all over the globe every month. Today my particular brand of hell is tinted with a migraine that’s trying to bore a hole into my right eye through my eyebrow. I know that makes no sense, but neither does the feeling, so I can’t clarify it. Sorry. And to make the party even more enticing my still tender abdomen is truly not enjoying either the gassy or the bloating. Urg.

Sorry for the TMI. I’m sure I’ll be much better tomorrow and maybe, if the hex is lifted, I’ll share some of my favorite shots from the past week. Until then I’m going to bounce off into the sunset… or limp off to bed… whatever I can manage.

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2 responses