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Itching to get Dooced

standard June 4, 2008 1 response

The stuff that’s going down at work is enough to make you shake your head and want to rip out your hair all at the same time. It would make amazing blog fodder. I kid you not. The comments would all read “No way.” “No she didn’t.” “Wow. That really sucks.” “Didn’t you quit already?” and so on and so forth.

BUT, (Yes, of course there’s a but. And not just my ever expanding backside, thankyouverymuch.) I’m going to be the bigger person and I’m not going to blog about it.

I’m sorry! I know you’re itching to know what’s got me so down I can’t think of a single funny or cute thing to blog about tonight. But I’ve spent the last five years being the ‘face’ of the synagogue; making sure that I always maintain the correct image, and even though I’m leaving I just can’t bring myself to break tradition.

Even if it might cause me to get Dooced (fired for blogging about work, if you’re not familiar with the lingo), which might in turn project me into the limelight. In one fell swoop freeing me up to write my heart out AND make me famous. But I shall take the high road and just say:

ARGGGGG. WTF! Seriously?!?

And now we’re moving on. Hey, look! Something shiny and cute over there!


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1 response

  • ooh, this sounds juicy! i really, really want details! ;-p

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