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standard June 3, 2008 Leave a response

Have I mentioned recently that I’ve started a few new ventures?

Well, OK, I didn’t start all of them… some were started by other brilliant, fun people. I’m just writing in a bunch of new places.

Pretty please come spread some love. I’d really appreciate it.

To start with: new post up at The Lemonade Stand. Have you met the new buddy on the block?


I joined a new collaborative blog that could really use a little attention. Dot-mom is all about parenting in the digital age. We all know something about that, right?

And lastly…

I’m the new Babies Editor at Type A Mom. Soon I’ll have a picture up there and everything and I have a lot of great posts all about babies (duh) lined up for your reading pleasure.

And you thought you couldn’t get more of me… silly you.

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