Baby behind bars… I mean mesh

standard June 10, 2008 5 responses

My baby is mobile.

Did that strike fear into your heart? No? Then you must not know any pre-toddlers.

She’s been crawling for all of two weeks and she’s already gotten into every single cupboard that should have remained safely out of bounds. Under the kitchen sink? Check. Found her gnawing on the grill cleaning brush. Pantry? Check. Found her trying to open a bottle of apple cider. Kitchen robot cupboard? Check found her pulling out the bottle opener. Bathroom closet? Check. Found her sucking on the (closed) top of a shampoo bottle.

We need to get back in the habit of closing all the baby proof locks and putting things out of reach, but it’s slow going. We’re so busy keeping her out of trouble that we don’t always have time to close things safely. I’ll have my hand on the baby lock, but she’s already getting into something else, so I’ll dash after her only to turn around and find her getting into the original mischief.

So, rather than break our backs holding her all day, we went all old school.

Yesterday we busted out the playpen. I know, I know. Limited mobility. Lack of development. Must let our little angels explore as they wish. Pshaw. It’s a roomy Pack&Play. She has a ton of toys to entertain her. She often has her older sister in there with her. And we don’t leave her in there for hours at a time. She feels safe and contained and we’re getting a little rest, and a little time to baby proof the house. Now, where did I stash all those outlet covers already?

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5 responses

  • Playpens are good things!!!

  • I wish my boy would stay in a play pen! He hates it. He also loves to get into everything. We never really had to baby proof the house with the other kids but this little boy is something else!

  • Need to break out the pack n play here too. My boys are making me crazy!

  • @Shere1 – She complains for a bit, and then she settles down. It rocks. This one gets into EVERYTHING.

    @faerie mom – yes! do it! It’ll change your life.

  • Sun

    Love the playpen! It also helps when mommy needs to nap 🙂 When A was little, we took everything remotely dangerous out of our living room & gated every entrance. I was able to take naps on the couch while A played next to me…heaven! Not sure how we’re going to do that w/ K, since A can open gates…

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