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Are you car shopping? Here’s a friendly little tip.

standard June 20, 2008 7 responses

Here is a little hint for all you car shoppers out there.

Wait, there are people buying cars out there, right? I’m not the only person who now owns a car she can’t trade in to save her life. Right?

Anyway. Assuming you are buying a car, here’s a little friendly tip. No, it’s not about gas mileage. I’m pretty sure you’re doing your research about that. You are aren’t you? Please do. Unless you have money to throw out the window. And if you do, please send it my way instead. I’ll use it to buy more gas.

But I digress. No, my tip is about leather.


Yes! Leather. You don’t think about the practicality of the seats when you’re buying a car. You think about how sexy it looks. You think about the coolio little dials and knobs. You think about cylinders and gears and stuff. Heck you even think about tires. But the leather is what you should really be pondering.

Because when it’s 99F outside, and you’re wearing shorts or a skirt, you are going to rue the day someone installed sexy, coolio, black leather in your brand new car. And you’re going to scrounge around in your trunk for a towel or a blanket or even a dirty t-shirt. And once your scorching leather is safely covered you’re going to realize you look ridiculous, but you’ll be trying too hard to keep your skin from melting off to do anything about it.

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7 responses

  • M

    Remember when we lived in Boston? Sometimes I would decide to take the “T” (the subway for those who’ve never lived in Beantown) instead of driving because it was too hot! But I think it’s worth the pain in order to have a sexy car. 🙂

  • We helped my parents buy a car in Feb. and I insisted on leather, even though my dad thought cloth/vinyl would be good enough. But we made sure to pick a light color leather. The difference in temperature on a sunny day was AMAZING between the black leather interior & the cream leather interior.

    If you have kids though, leather really is the way to go. It’s so much easier to clean up then cloth.

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  • @Sun – Fair enough. I should have warned against DARK leather seats. It’s true that leather is nice and easy to clean. Ah, long live Costco baby wipes… They make cleaning up milk on leather seats a cinch.

    @M – Easy to say when it’s not the skin of your thighs melting onto the seat.

  • ahahahahaha… i totally understand! hubby has black car with black leather interior. every summer that darn thing will burn me.

    needless to say, i don’t ride in that car in the summer anymore.

  • urgh.. we did NOT opt for leather in our car and are now regretting it with the two kiddos. Our poor seats..

  • Ow!

    Ok, so there’s one advantage to being poor. No way will we ever be able to afford a car with leather seats! WOOHOO! 🙂

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