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And then my head exploded. The end.

standard June 6, 2008 3 responses

As if things weren’t bad enough at work this week. As if it weren’t bad enough that I still had a ‘work’ to go to. I got a call from the daycare at 4:50pm informing me that C “wasn’t herself” and that they were taking her temperature.


She slept all the way home. Then she stood in the middle of my room crying softly as I undressed her and tucked her into my bed with a sippy of milk so she could veg out in front of some Noggin. The miracle of Motrin brought down the fever a bit and she went to sleep sweetly in her own bed. (Who wants to bet someone leaves a comment berating me for medicating my child? What? No one wants to wager a little something? Party poopers.)

I fed Little L a bottle before putting her down. She felt warm to me so I pulled out my own trusty thermometer.


Send help. Or chocolate. Or coffee. Or all three, whatever you think is best.

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3 responses

  • Each of my kids were on Motrin for no less than 72 hours straight in the last two weeks. AND I even doubled them up at times and overlapped Motrin and Tylenol too.

    Now I can be berated too! 🙂

    But I tell you, when it began to wear off, and my kids started shaking with chills as the fever came back, I was thankful for the drugs!!

  • Don’t leave me out of the berating par-tay! My boy is guzzling the antibiotics and tylenol this week with ear infection #6.

    So sorry the sickies have invaded.

  • Hey! Berate me too! I am a huge fan of Motrin. If not for the wonder drug the 104.8 fever of my littlest would have been really really bad.

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