10 ways to make sure you never have to sit at a red light

standard June 18, 2008 2 responses

Traffic lights are always red. Always that is, unless

10. Your baby is screaming her head off because she dropped her doll.

9. You have something caught in your teeth and you need to look in the mirror to get it out.

8. The passenger door isn’t closed properly.

7. You dropped your phone and it’s banging around under your feet.

6. Your pre-schooler is howling because she can’t reach her sippy cup.

5. You need two seconds to slap on some make-up.

4. A really juicy article from the magazine you just picked up keeps catching your eye.

3. Your best friend just sent you a jaw dropping text message and you really need to respond. NOW.

2. You’re completely lost and you can’t get the GPS set up.

1. You’re early and you need to stall for time!

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