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Weekly winners – the Mother’s Day edition

standard May 11, 2008 12 responses

Happy Mother’s day everyone! May your day be sunny and sweet and filled with chocolate.
Reach out and hug a mom, any mom, and her that she rocks.

Do you have big plans? Do you have fun Mother’s Day traditions? I want to know!

I, myself, will be spending the day with my beloved little tykes and their incredible father. Our only commitment is brunch at the country club with M’s family. Aside from that, and maybe a trip to the beach, we don’t have anything planned for the day. I tried to brainwash C while I was brushing her teeth tonight. I kept murmuring “Breakfast in bed for mommy. Hot tea in bed for mommy tomorrow,” but I’m not sure the message sank in. Oh well, doesn’t matter. I’ll be happy even if we just have a great big family cuddle; my favorite way to start a Sunday.

This is my third Mother’s Day, fourth if you count the one where I was 9 months pregnant with C, and yet I’m still just as unsettled as I was that first year. There’s so much hoopla and I keep looking around for these “mother’s” everyone is talking about, and then I realize that I’m one of them, weird, just weird.

I’m don’t need a day to celebrate being a mom, I get to do that 365 days a year. Every day I wake up to a shouted”Mommy!” greeting is a special day. Every hug and kiss is a special moment. And every murmured “I love you mommy” is a celebration of this awe inspiring role I took on three years ago.

Happy Mother’s day everyone. In honor of this special day, I’m just posting two pictures for my Weekly Winners. I give you:

One momma, two girls, lots of love.

A second later…
I never get to go a long time without having someone crawl all over me…

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