Weekly Winners – the birthday edition

standard May 18, 2008 10 responses

Oh what a day… 90F, 25 children, 34 adults, everyone in the pool cooling off, splashing around. Grilled burgers and hot dogs, hummus and pita chips, baby carrots (or did I forget to put those out?), yummy yummy cake adorned with C’s beloved Dora. Scavenging for hidden rubber duckies, swinging at a pinata, stuffing cake into sweet little mouths, swimming, swimming, and swimming some more. It was the best birthday party a 3 year old could ask for even though we never brought out the bubbles or the lollipops intended for the people who didn’t want cake.

I was too busy corralling guests and trying to socialize to get a ton of shots, but I did snag a few good ones. (Sadly many are of guests and I’m just not comfortable posting pics of people and kids without their express permission. Bummer.) I bring you the Weekly Winners – the birthday party edition. Don’t forget to go visit Sarcastic Mom to see what everyone else is shooting.

Have you ever seen a child look at her cake with a more concerned expression?
Oh, wait, C on her first birthday, that’s who.
At least this time she ate the cake…
Even if she looks like a dissatisfied judge at a Foodnetwork challenge. Heh.
Little L just wishes someone would share their cake already.
And M?
Well, it just looks like he had an all around great time. Doesn’t it?

This week we’re potty training. Wish us luck.

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