Weekly winners

standard May 4, 2008 16 responses

I’ve had a long and momentous week, but before all hell broke lose we did manage to go spend a lovely relaxing day at the beach. I risked big and took my brand new camera with me. OK, wait, that’s not quite true. I was all excited to bring my super cool camera and I took a ton of pictures before realizing that maybe, just maybe, a beach full of sand was not the best place to bring such a sensitive piece of equipment. Oops. Oh well. At least we got some great shots.

Happy Weekly Winners!

What? What?
Why is she looking at me like that?Wha..?
Can I just ask? With a hat like this
how did she end up with terrible sun burns on both cheeks?
Maybe her hat just wasn’t big enough.
I can’t see squat, but I didn’t get burned!
See you all next week… if mama takes my hat off.

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