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Karma’s a bitch sometimes

standard May 16, 2008 3 responses

Have you heard that story about the rabbi who skipped Yom Kippur services to go play golf, shot 18 holes in one, then cried because he couldn’t tell anyone? It was God’s way of punishing him for skipping out on his duties.

A similar thing happened to me today. No, I didn’t shoot a hole in one, as if. No, I did something I wasn’t going to blog about because I didn’t want to incriminate myself, but the whole afternoon turned out to be a series of extremely blogworthy events. No joke, at least four times the thought “wow, I have to blog about this!” crossed my mind. You would have laughed, and sighed, and even commiserated, then laughed some more, BUT I can’t tell you. GAH.

So instead…

Little L crawled today! Whoot! Go baby! Oh, shit. She’s mobile. We’re in trouble. Time to get the playpen out.

OK. Sorry. I got nothing else. Come back tomorrow.

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3 responses

  • Yeah on the crawling!

    But now I am intensely curious to know what was it that you did that you won’t blog about. 🙂

  • Mobile baby on the loose! Congrats!

    The downside about crawling is that their hands are always filthy from being on the floor (at least in MY house… darn, maybe I should actually sweep or mop the floors more often). That, and I can no longer just sit the baby next to me and watch TV. I have to actually FOLLOW him around. =)

  • Yup-pull out that Pack n Play! Of course by the time they realize they can get around they don’t want to be in there. Of course now my 3 year old thinks it’s fun to go in it- like a fort or something. Toddling babies make great video footage! We’d love to see it!

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